ISI 2010-18. Crassula montana ssp. quadrangularis (Schönland) Tölken

This delightful miniature crassula has rosettes less than an inch across of tightly stacked, four-ranked leaves, as the subspecific name implies. These are speckled with reddish glands and lined with fine cilia. The specific epithet refers to the montane habitats where the species grows in shady crevices. In spring it produces heads of white flowers that stand above the plants on delicate stalks. We offer divisions of HBG 69052, a plant collected July 15, 1990, by Jim Berdach (11034) from a quartz outcrop ca. 1 km SSW of Wimpie Visser’s farmhouse, Namies, Northern Cape, S. Africa. $6.

Photo © 2010 by Karen Zimmerman. Images may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Published in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 82 (2), March - April, 2010