ISI 2013-6. Parodia mammulosa (Lemaire) N. P. Taylor

The second form of this species offered this year was described as Notocactus orthacanthus (Link & Otto) Vliet. It has denser spination than ISI 2013-5, finer than typical and varicolored, in juvenile plants at least, with russet central spines and beige radials with russet bases, concealing the plant body. In older plants the spination opens up to reveal the tuberculate body. We offer plants grown from seed, Luis Wolman (LW 50). From seed collected by a friend at La Diligencia, Rivera, Uruguay, near the border of the province of Rivera and the Brazilian city of Livramento. HBG 118294. $5.

Photo © 2013 by Karen Zimmerman. Images may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Published in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, Vol. 85 (2), March - April, 2013