Planning the Trek to El Dorado
"PATENT METALLIC—or—Vulcanized Rubber Goods, Of all the Different Varieties, And made expressly to stand the climate of California, being entirely unaffected by heat or cold, and perfectly adapted to the wants of Gold Diggers, Exploring Parties, Traders, emigrants, and all other going to that El Dorado. (California Bulletin, Boston, April 5, 1849)

Many of the gold seekers were greenhorns and had no experience as travelers or miners. They eagerly read newspaper articles and guidebooks to tell them how to get to California and how to mine for gold once they got there. Merchants in their hometowns and along the way were eager to sell them the gear they needed—from Bowie knives to tents to shovels to tough clothes and waterproof coats. Newspapers ran notices of expeditions forming to travel across land or ships bound for San Francisco.

The rush was on

California 150

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