2012-2013 Fellows


Long-Term Awards


David Hancock (Professor, University of Michigan)
The Cosmopolite: William Petty-Fitzmaurice and the End of Enlightenment

Chris Brooks (Professor, Durham University [England])
The History of English Law in the 17th Century

Bill Brown (Professor, University of Chicago)
The Origin of the American Work of Art

Alan Taylor (Professor, University of California, Davis)
American Exodus, British Canaan: The Slave War of 1812 and American Revolutions

Bruce Levine (Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana)
Defending Their “Right to Hold Slaves”: Border-State Masters during the Civil War

Andrea Denny-Brown (Associate Professor, University of California, Riverside)
Criminal Ornament: Extravagance and Poetic Form in Late Medieval England

Paul Ramirez (Assistant Professor, Northwestern University)
Minerva’s Mexico: Fighting Disease in the Age of Enlightenment, 1736–1850

Brian Klopotek (Associate Professor, University of Oregon)
Indian on Both Sides: Indigenous Identities, Race, and National Borders

Dana Luciano (Associate Professor, Georgetown University)
Romancing the Inhuman: Animacy and Eros in America, 1840–1900

Jason Sharples (Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America)
Mastering Fear: Imagination, Rebellion, and Race in Early America and the Atlantic World, 1640–1783

Michele Navakas (Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University)
Founding Florida: Language and Geography at the Edge of America

Cynthia Nazarian (Assistant Professor, Northwestern University)
Petrarch’s Wound: Love, Violence, and the Politics of Renaissance Europe

Katherine Paugh (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
The Politics of Reproduction in the British Caribbean and the Atlantic World during the Age of Abolition, 1776–1838

Patricia Fumerton (Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Moving Media, 1569–1789: Broadside Ballads, Cultural History, and “The Lady and the Blackamoor”

David Albertson (Assistant Professor, University of Southern California)
Figures of the Invisible: Geometrical Icons in Early Modern Christianity

Aaron Kitch (Associate Professor, Bowdoin College)
Alchemical Sexualities in Early Modern England

Carol Pal (Assistant Professor, Bennington College)
Transient Technologies: The Lost Practices of Early Modern Knowledge-Making

Rob Iliffe (Professor, University of Sussex)
Technopolis: London, Science, and Utopia, 1580–1720

Casey Blake (Professor, Columbia University)
Modernism and the Civic Imagination in 20th-Century America

Short-Term Awards

Cindy Aalders (Doctoral candidate, Lincoln College, Oxford)
The Religious Lives of 18th-Century British Women
One month

Edward Allen (Doctoral candidate, Christ’s College, Cambridge)
Sound Technologies and American Lyric Poetry, 1895–1960: Wallace Stevens and Radio Lyricism
Two months

Erik Altenbernd (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Irvine)
Desert Manifest: Landscape, Statecraft, and Nationhood across Arid America
Three months

Catherine Attkisson (Doctoral candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Romantic Frames of Mind, or Vision’s Role in Sympathetic Knowledge in the Long 19th Century
Two months

Jennifer Batt (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford)
Miscellanies and Poetic Culture
One month

Sahar Bazzaz (Associate Professor, College of the Holy Cross)
Natural History, Local Knowledge, and Global Science in the Middle East (late 18th to 20th centuries)
One month

Richard Bell (Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park)
The Blackest Market: Patty Cannon, Kidnapping, and the Domestic Slave Trade
Two months

Jonathan Berliner (Lecturer, University of Southern California)
The Nature of Reform: Biocultural Worldmaking in American Writing, 1890–1920
Two months

Allison Bigelow (Doctoral candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Mining America, Planting Empire: The Colonial Scientific Literatures of the Americas
Two months

Donna Bilak (Doctoral candidate, Bard Graduate Center)
The Sight and Sound of Early Modern Alchemy: Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens (1617)
Two months

Liza Blake (Doctoral candidate, New York University)
Early Modern Literary Physics
Two months

Rachel Blumenthal (Doctoral candidate, Northwestern University)
From the Mad-House to the White House: Psychology and the Female Patient in 19th-Century American Life-Writing
Two months

Pepijn Brandon (Doctoral candidate, University of Amsterdam)
The Dutch Network of James Brydges: Anglo-Dutch Connections and the International Integration of Capital Markets during the War of the Spanish Succession
Two months

Benjamin Breen (Doctoral candidate, University of Texas, Austin)
Tropical Transplantations: Medicine, Globalization, and Drugs in the Portuguese and British Empires, 1640–1750
Two months

Adrian Brettle (Doctoral candidate, University of Virginia)
Confederate Expansionist Ambitions during the American Civil War
One month

Andrew Bricker (Doctoral candidate, Stanford University)
What Happened to Satire in 1760?
Three months

Erika Bsumek (Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin)
The Concrete West: Engineering Society and Culture in the Arid West, 1900–1980
One month

Emily Butler (Visiting Assistant Professor, John Carroll University)
“No new reformation”: Matthew Parker’s Editorial Prefaces
Two months

Leslie Butler (Associate Professor, Dartmouth College)
A Badge of Advanced Liberalism: The Woman Question in 19th-Century Anglo-American Thought
One month

Kevin Butterfield (Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma)
Membership in America: Law and Voluntary Association in the Early Republic
Two months

Colin Carman (Assistant Professor, Colorado Mountain College)             
Shelley’ Closet: Sexuality, History, Romanticism
One month

David Carnegie (Research Professor, Victoria University of Wellington)
Completion of CUP Webster, Vol. 4
Two months

Brian Carroll (Visiting Assistant Professor, Central Washington University)
From Warrior to Soldier: New England Indians in the Colonial Military
Two months

Philippe Castejon (Doctoral candidate, University of Sorbonne—Paris I)
Thinking the Spanish Empire: Imperial Elites, Political Projects, and Spatial Perceptions under Charles III (1759–1788)
Two months

Jason Chang (Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Asians and the Making of the Mexican Mestizo
Three months

Catherine Chou (Doctoral candidate, Stanford University)
Searching for the Elizabethan Political Nation: Crown, Parliament, and Church, 1558–1603
One month

Alison Conway (Professor, University of Western Ontario)
Sacred Engagements: Religious Freedom and Interfaith Marriage in the British Novel, 1689–1820
One month

Rachel Cowgill (Professor, Cardiff University)
Burlesquing Don Giovanni on the Early 19th-Century London Stage
One month

Freyja Cox Jensen (Junior Research Fellow, Christ Church, Oxford)
Classical Culture and the Book Trade in the Early Modern World
One month

Christine Croxall (Doctoral candidate, University of Delaware)
Holy Waters: Lived Religion, Identity, and Loyalty along the Mississippi River, 1780–1830
One month

Rosanne Currarino (Associate Professor, Queen’s University)
A Marketplace of Dreams: Economic Imagination in 19th-Century America
Three months

Melissa Dabakis (Professor, Kenyon College)
A Cultural History of Italo/American Relations, 1775–1875
One month

Molly Desjardins (Assistant Professor, University of Northern Colorado)
Public Intellectuals, Private Idiots: Intelligence and Sociality in the British Romantic Era
One month

Gina Di Salvo (Doctoral candidate, Northwestern University)
The Unexpected Saints: Hagiography and Early Modern Theatre
One month

Sarah Dillon (Doctoral candidate, The CUNY Graduate Center)
Seeing the Light: Early Modern Optical Treatises and Their Influence on Trecento Ideas of Vision
One month

Jane Dini (Assistant Curator of American Art, Detroit Institute of Arts)
The Art of American Dance
One month

Abigail Dowling (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara)
An Aristocratic Ideal in Practice?: Piero de Crescenzi’s Liber Ruralium Commodorum (ca. 1307) and the Park at Hesdin under Mahaut d’Artois
One month

Jordan Downs (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Riverside)
London at War: Politics, Mobilization, and the Metropolis, 1642-1646
Two months

Eric Dursteler (Associate Professor, Brigham Young University)
Around the Mediterranean Table: Foodways and Identity in the Early Modern Era
Two months

Christopher Dyer (Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester)       
Surveying and Sampling the Sources for Charnwood, Leicestershire
One month

Jennifer Egloff (Doctoral candidate, New York University)
Popular Numeracy in Early Modern England and British North America
Two months

Stephanie Elsky (Visiting scholar, University of California, Davis)
Time Out of Mind: The Poetics of Custom and Common Law in Early Modern England
One month

Kristen Epps (Assistant Professor, Colorado State University, Pueblo)
Bound Together: Masters and Slaves on the Kansas-Missouri Border, 1825–1865
One month

Bronwen Everill (Assistant Professor, University of Warwick)
Legitimate Commerce and the Origins of Ethical Trade: Macaulay and Babington in Freetown
One month

Heather Falvey (Independent scholar)
The Repton Letters in the Huntington Library
“The Bulwark of America”: The French Empire of Networks in 18th-Century North America
One month

Jonathan Foltz (Visiting Researcher, University of New South Wales)
Modernism and the Narrative Cultures of Film
Two months

Caroline Franklin (Professor, Swansea University)
Elizabeth Montagu’s Letters, Part Two: The Montagu/Carter Correspondence
One month

Ari Friedlander (Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis)
Promiscuous Generation: Sex, Status, and Reproduction in Early Modern England
One month

Nicholas Gaskill (Assistant Professor, University of Chicago)
Vibrant Environments: The Feel of Color from the White Whale to the Red Wheelbarrow
Two months

Brendan Gillis (Doctoral candidate, Indiana University)
Conduits of Justice: Magistrates and the British Imperial State, 1745–1834
One month

Pablo Gomez (Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University)
Imagining Atlantic Bodies: Corporeality, Disease, and Death in the Early Modern Spanish Caribbean
Two months

Sara Gorman (Doctoral candidate, Harvard University)
Terror and the Unnatural: Imagination from Alan of Lille to Spenser
Three months

Brett Grainger (Doctoral candidate, Harvard University)
The Vital Landscape: Evangelicals and Nature in America, 1740–1870
Two months

Nils Gϋttler (Doctoral candidate, Humboldt University of Berlin)
Practicing “Heimat”: Local Knowledge, Regional Nature, and National Identity in Nineteenth-Century Central Europe
Two months

Mark Hailwood (Fellow, Institute of Historical Research and University of Exeter)
Alehouses and Sociability in Early Modern England
Two months

Dewey Hall (Associate Professor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Dramatic Echoes: Cowley’s Albina (1779) and More’s Fatal Falsehood (1779)
One month

Alexis Harasemovitch-Truax (Doctoral candidate, University of Texas, Austin)
Subjects at Sea: National Identity in the British Mediterranean, 1661–1815
Two months

Susan Harlan (Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University)
Habiliments of War: Military Dress and Memory in Early Modern England
One month

Anna-Maria Hartmann (Doctoral candidate, Trinity College, Cambridge)
Mythography and the Study of Myth in Early Modern England
Two months

Amanda Hendrix-Komoto (Doctoral candidate, University of Michigan)
Imperial Zions: Mormons, Polygamy, and the Politics of Domesticity in Britain, the Pacific, and the United States
Two months
Amanda Herrin (Doctoral candidate, Institute of Fine Arts)
Recycling and Reforming Origins in Early Modern Picture Bibles: Gerard de Jode’s Thesaurus Sacrarum (1585) and Claes Jansz Visscher’s Theatrum Biblicum (1643)
Three months

Christopher Highley (Professor, Ohio State University)
A King for All Seasons: Remembering Henry VIII, 1625–1825: Literature, Art, and Material Culture
One month

Kathleen Howard (Doctoral candidate, Rutgers University)          
“A Language Burning and God-Given”: The Creative Form of Religious Writing in 19th-Century America                                 
One month

Marita Huebner (Instructor, California Institute of Technology)            
Pyramids and Volcanoes in Antiquarianism and Cosmology, 1600–1800                                                                        
Two months

Matthew Hunter (Assistant Professor, McGill University)           
Joshua Reynolds’ “Nice Chymistry”
Three months

Amy Johnson (Doctoral candidate, Brown University)
“The Coldest Blooded Outrage”: Constructing Race and Space in Late 19th-Century Los Angeles
One month

S. Deborah Kang (Assistant Professor, California State University, San Marcos)        
The Legal Construction of the Borderlands: A History of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Twentieth Century              
One month

Dorothy Kim (Assistant Professor, Vassar College)           
Medieval Women and English Exoticism
Two months

Miri Kim (Doctoral candidate, Princeton University)              
“Right Matter in the Right Place”: The Paintings of Albert Pinkham Ryder                                                                 
Three months

Gregory Kneidel (Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs)           
Satire as Law: Donne and Late Elizabethan Equity                                                                                         
One month

Erik Koenke (Doctoral candidate, University of Notre Dame)              
Reforming Galatians: Patristic, Medieval, and Reformation Debates over the Works of the Law and Justification by Faith Alone in Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians
Two months

Michael Komanecky (Chief Curator, Farnsworth Art Museum)           
Carleton Watkins’ Photographs of the California Missions                                                                                 
Two months

Matthew Kruer (Doctoral candidate, University of Pennsylvania)
The Susquehannock War: Native Americans, Bacon’s Rebellion, and the Transformation of the English Empire                                
One month

Lan Le (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara)               
Scanner Epistemologies: Anxiety and Control in the Information Society                                                                   
Two months

James Livesey (Professor, University of Sussex)             
Thinking at World’s Edge: Irish Intellectual History 1500–2000                                                                           
Two months

Ruth Livesey (Reader, Royal Holloway, University of London)              
Writing the Stagecoach Nation, 1780–1870                                                                                                 
One month

Fabien Locher (Researcher, National Center for Scientific Research)            
Reconstituting the Climatic Paradigm: Climate, Knowledge, and Environment in 18th- and 19th-Century France                   
Two months

Ivan Lupic (Doctoral candidate, Columbia University)              
Subjects of Advice: Drama and Counsel from More to Shakespeare                                                                           
Three months

Allan Macinnes (Professor, University of Strathclyde)             
Securing the Union: Scotland and Empire, 1707–1753                                                                                       
Two months

JoAnne Mancini (Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Maynooth)            
Sovereignty Trouble: The United States, the Catholic Political Landscape, and Regime Change in the Philippines                           
Two months

Katherine Massoth (Doctoral candidate, University of Iowa)         
“As is the Custom of the Country”: Gender, Cultural Practices, and Ethnic Identity in New Mexico and Arizona, 1846–1930                  
Two months

Richard McCabe (Professor, Merton College, Oxford)           
“An ungainefull Arte”: Poetry, Patronage, and Print in Early Modern England                                                              
Two months

Leanna McLaughlin (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Riverside)            
“A Diet of Brass”: British Political Verse Libels and Songs, 1678–1689                                                                   
One month

Siofra McSherry (Doctoral candidate, King’s College London)            
The Poetics of the Gift: Gift Exchange in the Work of Marianne Moore and Joseph Cornell                                                  
Two months

Susanna Morrill (Associate Professor, Lewis & Clark College)           
Protestant Women’s Birth and Death Rituals in the U.S., 1780–1920                                                                        
One month

Becky Nicolaides (Independent scholar)             
On the Ground in Suburbia: A Chronicle of Social and Civic Transformation in Los Angeles since 1945                                      
One month

Deaglan O’Donghaile (Lecturer, University of Salford)           
Oscar Wilde and the Radical Politics of the Fin de Siècle                                                                                
One month

Martin Ohman (Research Associate, McNeil Center for Early American Studies)             
A Multiplicity of Interests: Political Economy and Factional Conflict in the Early American Republic                                     
Two months

Jonathan Olson (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Liverpool)
Humphrey Moseley, Bookseller and Literary Editor
One month

Glyn Parry (Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington)              
Alchemy before Chemistry
Three months
Lawrence Peskin (Associate Professor, Morgan State University)
Antisemitism Abroad: Americans and North African Jewry, 1784–1815                                                                        
One month

Dawn Peterson (Visiting Lecturer, Smith College)              
Unusual Sympathies: Settler Imperialism, Slavery, and the Politics of Adoption in the Early U.S. Republic                                
Three months

Katie Pfohl (Doctoral candidate, Harvard University)             
American Painting and the Systems of World Ornament                                                                                      
One month

Steve Pincus (Professor, Yale University)
The Origins of the British Empire
One month

Daniel Polk (Doctoral candidate, Princeton University)            
Irrigation Disaster and Development in the Borderlands: Uncovering (Un)common Western Cosmologies                                        
One month

Julie Prebel (Assistant Professor, Occidental College)             
Engineering Womanhood: Science, Gender, and Narrative, 1840–1920                                                                         
One month

Nathan Probasco (Doctoral candidate, University of Nebraska, Lincoln)            
Researching Norumbega: Sir Humphrey Gilbert’s 1583 Expedition and the Transformation of English Colonization in the Americas
One month

Megan Quigley (Assistant Professor, Villanova University)             
Vaguely Philosophical: Modernist Fiction and the Challenge of Philosophy                                                                 
One month

Bryan Rosenblithe (Doctoral candidate, Columbia University)             
Where Tyranny Begins: British Territorial Expansion and the Origins of the American Revolution, 1759–1766                                
Three months

Alexa Sand (Associate Professor, Utah State University)             
Moral Illumination: Envisioning the Somme le Roi, 1294–1500                                                                              
Two months
Robyn Schroeder (Doctoral candidate, Brown University)             
Constitutional Failure and the Federal Self: U.S. Nationalist Memory, 1820–2010                                                          
One month

Ran Segev (Doctoral candidate, University of Texas, Austin)               
The Science of Faith: Spanish Mysticism, Biblical Imagination, and the Study of Nature in the 16th- and 17th-Century Spanish Atlantic
One month

Jay Sexton (University Lecturer, Corpus Christi College, Oxford)               
The British Empire in the United States                                                                                                  
Three months

Joshua Shenk (Independent scholar)
1 + 1 = oo: The Chemistry of Creative Pairs                                                                                              
One month

Francis Shor (Professor, Wayne State University)           
Reconstructing and Deconstructing Jack London’s Socialism                                                                                
One month

David Silkenat (Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University)             
Driven Away from Home: The Civil War Refugee Crisis in North Carolina                                                                    
One month

Rachel Smith (Doctoral candidate, University of Illinois, Urbana)
Imperial Structure/Global Reality: 18th-Century Gibraltar and the British Empire                                                   
One month

Sophie Smith (Doctoral candidate, Trinity College, Cambridge)            
Aristotle in English Political Thought from John Case to Robert Filmer                                                                   
Two months

Noel Smyth (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Santa Cruz)             
The Natchez Diaspora: A History of Indigenous Displacement and Survival in the American South
Two months
Justina Spencer (Doctoral candidate, Linacre College, Oxford)
Peeping In, Peering Out—Monocularity and Early Modern Vision
One month
Scott Spillman (Doctoral candidate, Stanford University)             
Slavery and Progress: The Rise of Slavery Studies in America, 1750–1950                                                                  
One month
Ian Stacy (Doctoral candidate, University of Montana, Missoula)               
The Last Conservationist: Floyd Dominy and Federal Reclamation in the American West                                                      
One month

Yael Sternhell (Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University)              
A Cultural History of Confederate Archives, 1861–1898                                                                                    
Three months

Felicity Stout (Research Fellow, Nottingham Trent University)          
Richard Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations Volume 4: The Russian Material                                                              
Two months

Leslie Theibert (Doctoral candidate, Yale University)            
Making an English Caribbean: 1650–1700                                                                                                   
Three months

Cecelia Tichi (Professor, Vanderbilt University)           
A Necessary Revolution: Jack London’s Fight for a Progressive American Future                                                            
One month

Lisa Toland (Assistant Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University)              
Siblings and Kinship in Early Modern England                                                                                             
One month

Sophie Tomlinson (Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland)            
A Twenty-first Century Edition of The Family of Love, attributed to Lording Barry                                                        
One month

Jenna Tonn (Doctoral candidate, Harvard University)             
The Show-Room and the Workshop: The Laboratory within the Natural History Museum and the Development of American Biology, 1850–1935      
One month

Bryan Turo (Doctoral candidate, University of New Mexico)             
An Empire of Dust: Thomas Benton Catron and the Rise of Corporate Enterprise in New Mexico, 1866–1921                                    
One month

Michelle Tusan (Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)          
“Crimes against Humanity”: The Origins of the British Response to the Armenian Genocide                                                  
One month

Arjan Van Dixhoorn (Research Fellow, Ghent University)             
The Knowing Subject in Early Modern Dutch, German, French, and English Vernacular Discourse (1450–1650)                                  
Two months

Tamara Venit-Shelton (Assistant Professor, Reed College)            
Although Our Blood is Not Close: Chinese Apothecaries in the American West                                                               
Two months

Adelheid Voskuhl (Associate Professor, Harvard University)          
Engineering as Institution: Technical and Social Elites in Germany and the U.S., 1870 to 1930                                            
One month

Jay Williams (Senior Managing Editor, Critical Inquiry, University of Chicago Press)               
Author under Sail: The Authorial Career of Jack London                                                                                   
One month

Laurie Wood (Doctoral candidate, University of Texas, Austin)            
Iles de France: Law and Empire in the French Atlantic and Indian Oceans, 1680–1780                                                       
Three months

Sarah Wood (Lecturer, University College London)            
“In-eched”: Interpolation and Invention in Middle English Literature                                                                     
Two months

Chi-ming Yang (Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania)
Global Chinoiserie and the Lives of Objects, 1660–1800                                                                                   
Three months

Jonathan Yarker (Doctoral candidate, Trinity College, Cambridge)          
Copying, Imitation, and Invention in British Art, 1768–1820                                                                              
Two months


Claire Gilbert (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Los Angeles)            
Bilingual at the Boundary: The Politics of Translation and Language in Early Modern Spain
Nicole LaBouff (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Irvine)            
Household Hermeneutics: The Hardwick Circle and the Craft of Natural Knowledge in Early Modern England                                   

Caroline Malloy (Doctoral candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison)          
Producing, Viewing, Living Ireland: The Visual and Material Creation of Irishness at International Exhibitions, 1853–1939                

Timothy Shannon (Professor, Gettysburg College)           
Indian Captive, Indian King: Peter Williamson in America and Britain                                                                     

Isaac Stephens (Visiting Lecturer, Appalachian State University)             
“The Whole English Church Drinks a Bitter Cup”: Popular Politics, Parliament, and the Public Sphere in Civil War London                  

Elizabeth Yale (Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University)
The Nature of the Archive in Early Modern Britain                                                                                       


Linacre College
Maia Krause (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Irvine)              
Gothic Experiments: Science as Play in Late 18th-Century Literature

Stephen Teske (Doctoral candidate, University of California, Riverside)           
The Parish Exposed: London Parish Life and the Great Fire of London                                                                      

Lincoln College
Peter Carlson (Visiting Assistant Professor, California Lutheran University)
Good Men, Good Books: A History of the Monastic College at Ashridge


Aloe, Carla (PhD candidate, University of Birmingham)
The New World Mythology in Italian Epic Poems from Columbus to 1700
Six months

Asquith, Wendy (PhD candidate, University of Liverpool)
Haiti in Art: Beyond Creating and Curating in the Black Atlantic
Two months

Astbury, Kerry (PhD candidate, University of Liverpool)
Muscular Music: Rossetti, Swinburne, and the Audible Male Body
Three months

Reeve, Daniel (PhD candidate, University of Oxford)
Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-century Insular Texts of Religious Instruction Preserved in Huntington Manuscripts
Three months

Robinson, Joanna (PhD candidate, King’s College London)
Charles Dickens and the Traumatic City
Three months

Saunders, Austen (PhD candidate, University of Cambridge)
A Survey of Reader’s Annotations Made on All Books Held at the Huntington Printed in American before 1800
Three months

Shirley, Arwen (PhD candidate, University of Warwick)
Questionable Justice: Latinos, Crime, and Punishment in the Golden State
Four months

Stanley, Rachael (PhD candidate, University of Nottingham)
A Comparison of the Writing Practices of Jack London and J.G. Ballard
Three months

Tobin, Claudia (PhD candidate, University of Bristol)
The Still Life and Landscape as Inter-Aesthetic Categories in Modern Art and Literature
Three months

Whipday, Emma (PhD candidate, University College London)
Shakespeare’s Domestic Tragedies: Disrupting the Home on the Early Modern Stage
Three months


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