Jack London and the Klondike: The Genesis of an American Writer

Written by:Franklin Walker
Format:288 pages, 6 x 9, illus., paper
Release Date:2005-09-15

Price: $21.95

About this Book

Jack London and the Klondike presents a vivid and accurate account of the young London's experiences during the Yukon gold rush, which furnished the substance for his most successful books. Walker masterfully re-creates this dramatic year in London's life through quotations from his travel diaries and the testimony of his companions, as well as related material from his fiction. First published in 1966, at a time when London was still regarded by many as little more than a writer of stories for children, Walker's study was the first treating London's outstanding contributions to literature, and it remains a definitive study of a crucial phase of his career.



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About the Author
Franklin Walker (1900-1967) was a professor of American literature at Mills College. Among his books are San Francisco's Literary Frontier, A Literary History of Southern California, and Frank Norris: A Biography.


Reviews of Jack London and the Klondike:


“This excellent study of London’s sortie to the Klondike illuminates the gap between London’s actual experience and his romantic pessimism.”—Times Literary Supplement

“Walker’s account . . . reads as crisply as London’s fictional accounts of that period . . . An admirable biographical memoir and solid piece of literary detective work.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“The fullest and most scholarly account of London’s life in the Klondike during 1897 and 1898 . . . an indispensable source for the study of London's life and work.”—Pacific Northwest Quarterly

“From beginning to end, Jack London’s Klondike adventure lasted almost exactly a year; and it was, without question, the most significant--and to biographers the most tantalizing--year of his life.”—The American Book Collector


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