Camellias: A Curator's Introduction the the Camellia Collection in the Huntington Botanical Gardens

Format:80 pages, 6 x 9, color illustrations. (paperback)
Release Date:2001-01-01

Price: $14.95

About this Book

The Huntington's renowned camellia collection, one of the most diverse public collections anywhere, is well documented in this lavishly illustrated book. More than eighty-four color photographs feature the popular pink, red, and white japonicas as well as the stunning black-red "Night Rider," among other rarities. Nineteenth-century botanical illustrations from the Huntington Library's rare book collections are also reproduced. This handy guide will help you learn to tell japonicas from reticulatas and sasanquas as you tour the 207-acre Huntington estate, while Curator Ann Richardson offers many fascinating facts about the history and cultivation of the camellia. For those who grow camellias, for those who want to, or for those who appreciate the beauty of this special flower, all will find much to discover in this beautiful book.

ISBN: 978-0-87328-193-5, cloth, $27.95



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"This volume offers a succinct overview of the genus Camellia, including its history, flower forms, plant descriptions, and culture. A chapter on camellia culture covers planting, pruning, disbudding, and common problems. The book is illustrated with exquisite photographs by Don Normark and antique paintings from the Huntington archives." --Sunset

"From a brief history of camellias to a map of where to find them growing in Huntington Gardens, this lovely small volume tells us nearly all we need to know about this very unusual shrub." --California Garden

"Richardson draws on decades of experience in horticulture to present an array of facts on the history and cultivation of the camellia, including how they get their names, the differences between a cultivar and a species, and why some camellia flowers have stripes or splotches. She counsels that camellias are easy to grow and tells readers how, with just a small amount of care, they can produce a maximum of attractive plants and flowers."--The Camellia Review

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