Uncle Sam's Camels

Uncle Sam's Camels: The Journal of May Humphreys Stacey Supplemented by the Report of Edward Fitzgerald Beale

Edited by:Lewis Burt Lesley
Category:Western History
Format:324 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches, 4 black-and-white illustrations, paperback
Release Date:2006-06-01

Price: $24.95

About this Book
In 1855, at the urging of Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, the U.S. Congress funded an unusual experiment: the importation of camels in order to test their fitness for military purposes in the Southwest. Camels, it was presumed, would fare much better than horses and mules in the desert’s punishing climate and terrain, and therefore could be used to transport supplies to frontier forts more quickly.

Lt. Edward Fitzgerald Beale led the nation’s first and only “camel corps” expedition from Texas to California in 1857. Joining him was nineteen-year-old May Humphreys Stacey, who kept a detailed journal of their harrowing adventures. In Uncle Sam’s Camels, Lesley reproduces Stacey’s account as well as Lt. Beale’s glowing report on the expedition, in which he frequently comments on the camels’ remarkable endurance. Originally published in 1929, Lesley’s study was one of the first to treat this curiosity in U.S. military history, and it remains the definitive text on the subject.


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About the Author
Lewis Burt Lesley was a history professor at San Diego State University. Paul Andrew Hutton is a history professor at the University of New Mexico and Executive Director of the Western History Association. He is the author of Phil Sheridan and His Army and the editor of The Custer Reader, Frontier and Region, and Ten Days on the Plains.

"Stacey’s journal vividly portrays the trials and hardships of the expedition as it moved…to the land of the Mojave on the Colorado, which was its destination. In perusing the journal, one is forcibly impressed with the hazards of travel in the United States in the 1850s, especially in the largely unexplored regions of the Southwest."—Mississippi Valley Historical Review

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