Distinguished Fellow and Endowed Lectures


The Billington Lecture

Named in honor of Ray Allen Billington, former Senior Research Associate at The Huntington, this lecture addresses some aspect of the American West. The first lecture was given by Martin Ridge. Other speakers have included Howard Lamar, Walter Nugent, John Faragher, Elliott West, Patricia Limerick, James Ronda, Richard White, and David Weber.


The Cheng Foundation Lecture

Created in 2015 by Jennifer Cheng in honor of her parents, this lecture addresses the history of the Asian American experience in the U.S. The inaugural speaker was Professor Gordon Chang of Stanford University.


The Crotty Lecture

First given in 1987, this lecture (endowed in honor of Homer D. Crotty, a distinguished member of the Los Angeles bar, a senior partner at Gibson Dunn, chair of the Huntington Board of Trustees and noted bibliophile) addresses the history and culture British or European civilization. The first speaker was McGeorge Bundy, National Security Advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson and president of the Ford Foundation from 1966 through 1979. Subsequent speakers have included Conrad Russell, Paul Langford, Patrick Collinson, Robert Watson, Linda Colley, and David Vaisey.


The Dibner Lecture

Created as part of the Dibner endowment in 2008, this lecture is designed both to promote public awareness of the history of science and technology; and to publicize The Huntington’s significant holdings in this field. In many years, two Dibner lectures have been given: one by the Distinguished Fellow in Residence at the Huntington and the other by the Eleanor Searle Visiting Professor in the History of Science and Technology at The Huntington and Caltech. Past speakers have included Professors William Newman, Dena Goodman, Asif Siddiqi, Rob Iliffe, and Robert Westman.


The Paul Haaga, Jr. Lecture in American Entrepreneurship

This lecture endowment was created in honor of Paul Haaga, Jr., at that time a Huntington trustee, by his wife Heather, with the intention that the speaker address an issue close to Paul’s heart, specifically the history and culture of American business, leadership and innovation. The first lecture was given in 2009, and subsequent speakers have included Professors David Cannadine, Louis Hyman, Jonathan Levy, and Stephen Mihm.


The Haynes Foundation Lecture

Established in 1995, this lecture addresses some aspect of scholarship on the history and culture of southern California. The inaugural speaker was Kevin Starr, and others who have given the Haynes Lecture include Richard Rodriguez, Douglas Flamming, George Sanchez, Patt Morrison, Don Waldie, Roger Lotchin, Bill Deverell, and Raphael Sonenshein.


The Isherwood-Bacardy Lecture

This lecture was designed to make a new contribution to understanding the personal and artistic achievements of life companions Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy; the literary, dramatic, cinematic, and visual arts traditions in which they worked; or their influence upon other writers, artists, intellectuals, and the broader culture, including the gay liberation movement. The inaugural lecture will be given in September 2016 by the novelist Edmund White.


The Nevins Lecture

Established in 1984 by James Thorpe and Martin Ridge, this lecture serves as a memorial to Allan Nevins, former Senior Research Associate at The Huntington. The inaugural speaker was Edmund S. Morgan. Until 1994 the lecture was given every two years, and speakers have included Eric Foner, Mark Neely, Anne Firor Scott, Michael Holt, David Blight, and Timothy Breen.


The Ridge Lecture

Established in 1992 with contributions from Nancy and Charles Munger at the time of Martin Ridge’s retirement as Director of Research, this lecture is focused (at Ridge’s request and despite his status as an historian of the American west) specifically on literature. The inaugural lecture was given by Barbara Lewalski in 1994, and speakers have included Richard Brodhead, David Bevington, David Kastan, James Shapiro, and Joseph Roach.


The Zamorano Lecture

Established in 2008 with sponsorship from the Zamorano Club, Southern California’s oldest bibliophilic society, this lecture focuses on various aspects of book history, bibliographical scholarship, and collecting. The inaugural speaker was Robert Darnton, and subsequent speakers have included Peter Stallybrass, Michael Winship, David Hall, and Nick Wilding.

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