Past Lectures


2017 Lectures

January 9, Haaga Lecture, Naomi Lamoreaux

The Value of Patents: A Historian’s Perspective


January 11, Nevins Lecture, Christopher Brown

The Atlantic Slave Trade & The American Revolution


January 25, Dibner Lecture, Mary Terrall

Colonial Dreams: A French Botanist’s Encounter with Africa in the 1750s


February 8, Billington Lecture, John Faragher

The Theater of Many Deeds of Blood: The Geography of Violence in Frontier Los Angeles


March 1, Crotty Lecture, Greg Walker

A Satire of the Three Estates: Renaissance Scotland’s Best Kept Secret?


March 15, Cheng Foundation Lecture, Mae Ngai

The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics


March 20, Zamorano Lecture, Stephen Orgel

Excavating the Book


April 12, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, John Demos

Potosi, Silver, and the Coming of the Modern World


May 11, Martin Ridge Lecture, Hilary Mantel

"I Met a Man Who Wasn't There”


2016 Lectures

September 14, Billington Lecture, Karl Jacoby
The Strange Career of William Ellis: The Texas Slave Who Became a Mexican Millionaire


September 21, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Jon Mee
Physics and Belles Lettres: The Arts & the Sciences in the Industrial Revolution


September 29, Isherwood Foundation Lecture, Edmund White
Becoming Gay in the 1960s: Reading A Single Man


October 5, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Steve Hahn
The United States from the Inside Out and Southside North


October 24, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Woody Holton
The New Battlefield History of the American Revolution


November 9, Crotty Lecture, Steve Hindle
Mapping the English Village


December 7, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Margo Todd
Sex in the City


2015-16 Lectures

September 23, Magna Carta exhibit lecture, Stephen Breyer
The Court and the World: The Supreme Court’s New Transnational Role


September 30, Haynes Foundation Lecture, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
Ellis Island on the Land: Gardens of Migration


October 1, Research Lecture, Roy Ritchie
Tales from the Vaults


October 8, Cheng Foundation Lecture, Gordon Chang
The Chinese and the Construction of the Iron Road


October 14, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Thomas Cogswell
An Accursed Family: The Scottish Crisis and the Creation of the Black Legend of the House of Stuart, 1650-1652


October 15, Provocative 15th Century Conference Lecture, Simon Armitage
Paper Aeroplane and Other Vehicles


October 26, Billington Lecture, Neil Foley
Mexicans in the Making of America


November 5, Crotty Lecture, Felicity Heal
Thomas Cromwell and the Gifts of the Tudor Court


November 12, Isherwood Conference Lecture, Armistead Maupin
Armistead Maupin on “My Logical Grandfather”


November 19, Crotty Lecture, Clive Holmes
A Neglected Document (Really!) of the Salem Witch Trials


December 7, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Shirley Samuels
Looking at Lincoln


December 8, Research/Caltech, Simon Winchester
William Smith: The Man, His Map, and the Democratization of Geology


January 13, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Dena Goodman
Science and Sociability in the French Revolution


January 20, Mormon History Lecture, Sarah Gordon
Fatal Convergence: The Mountain Meadows Massacre in American History


January 27, Haaga Lecture, Stephen Mihm
How Business Became Standardized in 19th- and 20th-Century America


February 11, Nevins Lecture, Andrew O’Shaughnessy
The Men Who Lost America


February 17, Ridge Lecture, Zachary Leader
Saul Bellow and American Prose


March 2, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Carla Pestana
Oliver Cromwell’s Consolation Prize? The English Conquest of Jamaica


March 9, Zamorano Lecture, Fr. Columba Stewart
Preserving Endangered Manuscripts in the Middle East and Africa


March 11, Research/Caltech, Kip Thorne
100 Years of Relativity: From the Big Bang to Black Holes and Gravitational Waves


April 6, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Norm Jones
Being Elizabethan: How Elizabethans Made Sense of Their World


April 11, Molina Lecture, Amanda Herbert
Finding a Cure at the British Spa


April 19, Dibner Lecture, Asif Siddiqi
A Different Space: NASA in the Postcolonial World


April 27, Distinguished Fellow Lecture, Alice Fahs
The Creative Life in 19th-Century America


2014-15 Lectures

September 22, Crotty, Susan Brigden
Reformation Diplomacy: Henry VIII and His Ambassadors


October 20, Nevins, John Demos
On the Trail of the Heathen School


October 23, Crotty, Keith Wrightson
“Dating Statements” and the Rise of Almanac Time in Early Modern England


November 11, Billington, Ari Kelman
A Misplaced Massacre: Struggling Over the Memory of Sand Creek


January 21, Dibner, William Newman
Why Did Isaac Newton Believe in Alchemy?

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