Huntington Library Quarterly

Studies in English and American History and Literature

Susan Green, Editor


The Huntington Library Quarterly publishes articles on the literature, history, and art of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries in Britain and America, with special emphasis on:

  • the interactions of literature, politics, and religion;
  • the social and political contexts of literary and art history;
  • textual and bibliographical studies, including the history of printing and publishing;
  • American studies, through the early nineteenth century; and
  • the performance history of drama and music.

The journal also publishes book reviews and review articles on important work in early modern studies. The Intramuralia section now reports comprehensively on the Huntington's acquisitions of rare books, manuscripts, and ephemera.


Tables of contents, sample articles, current subscription rates, and complete ordering information for subscriptions and single copies are available through the University of California Press. Copies of the Supplement to the Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library are available for $20 from the Huntington Library Press.


The Huntington Library Quarterly received a top award in the 2009 competition of Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) for the special issue "Prison Writings in Early Modern England" (HLQ vol. 72, no. 2).


Guidelines for Submission
Scholars working in the history, literature, or art history of the early modern period are encouraged to submit manuscripts of articles for consideration by the journal. We seek outstanding archivally based work, regardless of where it is researched. Scholars of American studies through 1830 are especially encouraged to submit article manuscripts.

  • For Notes and Documents we seek either short pieces on specific subjects or pieces of up to fifteen thousand words devoted to the content of archival materials (including transcriptions of manuscripts).
  • Both article manuscripts and Notes and Documents pieces must include an abstract.
  • E-mail transmission ( is welcome, but illustrations must be provided in hard copy. If an e-mail submission is not acknowledged within a week, contact the editor by telephone (626) 405-2174 or letter to Susan Green, Huntington Library Quarterly, 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108.


Editorial Board
Richmond Barbour, Oregon State University

Thomas Cogswell, University of California, Riverside 

Louise Hill Curth, University of Winchester
Joseph A. Dane, University of Southern California 

Frances E. Dolan, University of California, Davis
Barbara Donagan, Huntington Library
Timothy Erwin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Robert N. Essick, University of California, Riverside
Cynthia Herrup, University of Southern California

Steve Hindle, W. M. Keck Foundation Director of Research, Huntington Library 

Paulina Kewes, Jesus College, Oxford
Peter C. Mancall, University of Southern California 

Anthony Parr, University of the Western Cape

Robert C. Ritchie, Huntington Library
William H. Sherman, University of York

Howard Weinbrot, University of Wisconsin, Madison



Susan Green


Managing Editor

Jean Patterson

Associate Editors

Sara K. Austin

Heidi Brayman Hackel, University of California, Riverside


Special Issues:
  • Curiously Drawn: Early Modern Science as a Visual Pursuit, edited by Felicity Henderson, Sachiko Kusukawa, and Alexander Marr (2015)
  • Uses of the Past in Early Modern England, edited by Matthew Neufeld (2013)
  • "Relation Stands": Essays on Paradise Regained, edited by John Rogers (2013)
  • Reason, Evidence, and Erudition in Early Modern Europe, edited by Mordechai Feingold (2011)
  • Sesquicentennial Impressions: A Celebration of Leaves of Grass (1860), edited by Karen Karbiener (2010)
  • The Textuality and Materiality of Reading in Early Modern England, edited by Jennifer Richards and Fred Schurink (2010)
  • Supplement to the Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library, compiled by Peter Kidd (2009)
  • Prison Writings in Early Modern England, edited by William H. Sherman and William J. Sheils (2009)
  • Religion and Cultural Transformation in Early Modern England, edited by Lorna Clymer (2008)
  • The Places and Spaces of Early Modern London, edited by Deborah Harkness and Jean E. Howard (2008)
  • Railing Rhymes: Politics and Poetry in Early Stuart England, edited by Andrew McRae (2006)
  • The Uses of History in Early Modern England, edited by Paulina Kewes (2005) 
  • Early Tudor Manuscript and Print, edited by Alexandra Gillespie (2004) 
  • Print, Propaganda, Royalism (2004)
  • Studies in the Cultural History of Letter Writing, edited by Linda Mitchell and Susan Green (2003) 
  • Reconsidering the Bluestockings, edited by Nicole Pohl and Betty Schellenberg (2003) 

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