Botanical Resources


Dinosaur Plants Tour

There are plant lineages at The Huntington that have survived hundreds of millions of years - since the Mesozoic Era (also known as the Age of Dinosaurs). Explore an online story map of these Mesozoic plant survivors which include cycads, gingkos, conifers, and more!


Huntington Botanical Gardens Herbarium (HNT)

Exotic plant depository aids in research and identification.


International Succulent Introductions

Propagates and distributes new and rare succulents to collectors, nurseries and institutions for further research. Available by mail-order only, an annual offering appears in each March-April issue of the Cactus and Succulent Journal and on this site.


ISI Schick Hybrids Catalog

Index and ordering information for the International Succulent Introductions Schick hybrids


Ranch Blog

Follow The Huntington's urban agricultural project in the Ranch Blog.


Conservatory Cookbook

Exhibit recipes from the Plants are Up to Something exhibition at the Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science


Plant Trivia Timeline

Authored by the Marge and Sherm Telleen Director of the Botanical Gardens, Jim Folsom, The Plant Trivia Timeline provides world history from the viewpoint of a botanist.


The San Marino League

Volunteer efforts for the benefit of Art Center and The Huntington


American Public Gardens Association

The APGA is committed to increasing the knowledge of public garden professionals throughout North America through information sharing, professional development, networking, public awareness, and research so they have the tools to effectively serve visitors and members.


Tree Resource Guide for Arborists and Gardeners

A useful resource for tree identification, anatomy, health, planting, care, and more by WesSpur Tree Equipment.


Gardens and Arboretums

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

The Arnold Arboretum

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Morton Arboretum

Kew Gardens

University of Delaware Botanic Gardens

Seattle Chinese Garden

About The Huntington

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