Collaborative Research Institutes

Early Modern Studies Institute


USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute The USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute (EMSI) supports advanced research and scholarship on human societies between 1450 and 1850. The Institute’s range is global. Unlike existing centers that focus on particular regions, the Institute aims to advance knowledge of the diverse societies in and around the Atlantic and Pacific basins.

The Institute is composed of a community of scholars based in the Los Angeles region and supplemented by short- and long-term visitors. EMSI strives to provide a suitable setting for nourishing intellectual achievement, advancing interdisciplinary research, and sharing path-breaking discoveries. The Institute aims to promote new avenues for research in the humanities and social sciences.

Positioned in a city that is intellectually vibrant and demographically diverse, the Institute will combine the strengths of a major urban university with a world class independent research institution. The Institute’s programs contribute to the development of a range of traditional disciplines (primarily but not exclusively history, literature, and the history of art) by bringing together the insights and techniques of scholars who share an interest in early modern peoples and cultures.


Institute on California and the West

Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West The Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West—or ICW—is a collaboration begun in the summer of 2004 between the University of Southern California and The Huntington.

The ICW is focused on the exploration of the history and culture of California and the American West. ICW utilizes the remarkable resources of The Huntington (its collections, curators, and scholars) as the foundation upon which to build programs, courses, and public outreach through the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences (and its first-rate collection of scholars and students) at the University of Southern California. Visit for more information.

Summer Institute

The Mellon Summer Institute in Spanish Paleography

The Mellon Summer Institute in Spanish Paleography will be held at the Huntington Library between June 22 and July 10, 2015, and will be taught byProfessor Carla Rahn Phillips, Union Pacific Professor in Comparative Early Modern History [Emerita] of the Department of History, at the University of Minnesota. The application deadline will be March 1, 2015. Links to application instructions will be available by January 2015. For further inquiries, please email Susi Levin.

About The Huntington

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is a collections-based research and educational institution established in 1919 by Henry E. and Arabella Huntington. Henry Huntington, a key figure in the...

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