Library Contacts by Department

General Information: 626-405-2100 

Reader Services


Office: 626-405-2191
Fax: 626-405-3477


Anne Blecksmith, Head of Reader Services




Office: 626-405-2203


Claudia Funke, Chief Curator and Associate Director of Library Collections

Peter Blodgett, H. Russell Smith Foundation Curator of Western American History

Erin Chase, Assistant Curator of Architecture and Photography

Joel Klein, Molina Curator for the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Daniel Lewis, Dibner Senior Curator of the History of Science and Technology

David Mihaly, Jay T. Last Curator of Graphic Arts and Social History

Natalie Russell, Assistant Curator of Literary Collections

Krystle Satrum, Assistant Curator, Jay T. Last Collection

Clay Stalls, Curator of California and Hispanic Collections

Stephen Tabor, Curator of Rare Books

Olga Tsapina, Norris Foundation Curator of American History

Jenny Watts, Curator of Photography and Visual Culture

Vanessa Wilkie, William A. Moffett Curator of Medieval Manuscripts and British History

Li Wei Yang, Curator of Pacific Rim Collections


Acquisitions, Cataloging and Metadata Services

Lorraine Perrotta, Head of Acquisitions, Cataloging and Metadata Services, 626-405-2184
Dorothy Auyong, Principal Catalog Librarian/Archivist, 626-405-2188
Diann Benti, Supervising Librarian/Archivist, Visual and Literary Culture, 626-405-2100 x:2384 
Brooke Black, Supervising Librarian/Archivist, Americana, California & The West, 626-405-2202
Charla DelaCuadra, Library Assistant, Jay T. Last Project
Mario Einaudi, Kemble Digital Projects Librarian, 626-405-2284
Livia Hirsch-Shell, Acquisitions Librarian, 626-405-2185
Richard Jackson, Supervising Librarian/System Coordinator, 626-405-2187
Julie Kemper, Catalog Librarian – Rare Books
Jessica O’Pray, Dibner Catalog Librarian/Archivist
Angie Ponce, Senior Acquisitions Assistant, 626-405-2213
Gayle Richardson, Catalog Librarian/Archivist
Sue Tyson, Project Archivist




Office, 626-405-2197

Fax: 626-405-3444



Holly Moore, Lloyd E. Cotsen Head of Preservation & Conservation


Paper Laboratory, 626-405-2196

Book Laboratory, 626-405-2199

Paintings Laboratory, 626-405-2528

Library Exhibitions Studio, 626-405-2118


Imaging Services


Office: 626-405-2182

Fax: 626-449-5720




Office: 626-405-2244

Fax: 626-449-5703


Sandra L. Brooke, Avery Director of the Library
Laura Stalker, Avery Deputy Director of the Library
Mona Shulman, Asst. to the Director of the Library and Library Registrar
Sharon Robinson, Library Registrar

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