Discovery Carts


Mobile, educational exhibits for children and families


Saturdays and Sundays, 12:30-3:30 p.m.

Encouraging observation and exploration, mobile Discovery Carts offer visitors the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities in the gardens using live plants, artifacts, and other objects. 


Each cart features 5-7 activities throughout the day, changing each weekend. Activities may take between 2-5 minutes each, and though designed for children, are also engaging for adults.

Discovery Cart


Discovery Cart

The Japanese Garden Discovery Cart

  • Learn about different varieties of tea and how they are made
  • Practice your folding techniques as you experiment with origami
  • Study a form of tie-dying known as shibori
  • Perfect your calligraphy skills reproducing Japanese characters
  • Discover the art of writing a haiku, a form of Japanese poetry
Location:  The Japanese Cart is temporarily located at the Lily Ponds while the Japanese Garden is closed for renovation.
  Discovery Cart

Desert Garden Discovery Cart

  • Practice your bird-watching techniques and match your findings to our field guides
  • Learn about plant adaptation as you study leaf texture with the help of microscopes
  • Measure and compare soil nutrients in the desert and a vegetable garden
  • Write a poem with inspiration from the desert
Location: The Desert Cart is located at the bottom of the Desert Garden just off the main road. 

Discovery Cart


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