Members' Snapshot: Brian Ill and Noël Ill



Affiliate Level Members (and siblings) Noël Ill and Brian Ill are both artists and graphic designers who find something priceless at The Huntington: inspiration.


“The Huntington is the perfect place to reset my creative mind, to free the imagination from all restraints, and to allow the spontaneous formation of new ideas,” Brian says.


Whether they’re walking in the gardens or exploring the galleries, the brother and sister find their creativity being nurtured. The Desert Garden, with its alien-looking plants, sends their imaginations on a quick trip to another planet. (They both include outer space characters in their art.) A stroll in the Rose Garden suggests vibrant color combinations. “Sometimes I’ll find a natural color palette among the roses that is so perfect, I’ll photograph it for future reference,” says Noël. Within the art galleries, the paintings have their own secrets to share, and Brian and Noël often find that great artists from the past have addressed many of the same artistic challenges that they grapple with today.


Their annual Membership support is a way for Brian and Noël to help sustain an institution that inspires their work. It’s a wonderful example of how “giving back” often goes both ways.


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"The Huntington is a place where nature, science, art, and humanities are always ready to inspire and make a difference. I encourage you to take part and support this world-class dynamic place." 

- Randy A. Shulman, Vice President for Advancement 




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