Art and Nature

Expressing Ideas through Landscape

Visual Landscapes

How can artists evoke landscape to express political, environmental, and social ideas?

Landscapes Depicted in Visual Art

Artists can incorporate landscape or a sense of place in their artwork as a way to make political, environmental, and social statements. Many artists get inspiration from their experiences in different places. This means they interact with landscapes using multiple senses (including sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) and create artwork based on what they observe. This artwork can be in any medium. Each artist experiences nature differently, and these unique experiences are reflected in their works

Explore how different artists have evoked landscape in their works. How do you think these artists were inspired by the places they visited? What techniques did they use to guide their observations of these landscapes? Why do you think the artists created these works? What are they trying to say about the world?


Bring It Together

Once you have explored the nature-inspired artworks above, consider the following activities:

  • Adapt one of the artworks into a play or a movie. How does the landscape factor into your work?

  • Write a creative writing piece set in one of the artworks. How can you translate the visuals of the artwork into a written story or poem?

  • Write a letter to one of the artists.

    • Tell them what you think they did well when creating a sense of place in their work.

    • Tell them what you think they could do to improve the way they create a sense of place.

    • Ask them questions. What do you wonder about their artistic process? What do you wonder about their finished work?

  • Choose one of the landscapes from the artworks and create your own visual artwork of the landscape. How is your artwork similar to the artist’s work? How is your artwork different?