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Activity Guides

Activity Guides

Explore interdisciplinary activity guides to dive deeper into the Huntington collections and get inspired with quick and fun projects.

The following Activity Guides came out of our work with our Partner School students. Some of the activities may align more with younger audiences, while some may best be suited for older audiences. All content can be adapted to meet the needs of any grade level. All activity guides are standards-aligned.

Bridging Cultures Activity Guide

Explore a collection of activities that promote thinking about trade, culture, and assimilation.

How Gardens Can Inspire Calm and Teach Life Lessons Activity Guide

Explore some of The Huntington’s themed gardens with these activities.

Intersections of Science and Art in the Sky Activity Guide

Explore the intersections of science and art in the sky through the Huntington exhibitions, "Orbit Pavilion," "Radiant Beauty," and "Beautiful Science."

Shakespeare at The Huntington Activity Guide

Explore Shakespeare at The Huntington in the art, botanical, and library collections.

Project Blue Boy Activity Guide

Explore the intersections of art, primary sources, and science through the technical examination and conservation treatment of Thomas Gainsborough's The Blue Boy.