Botanical Encounters

Botanical Encounters Level 2

Welcome to the Botanical Encounters Level 2 virtual tour!

Each spotlight features a plant, tree, or flower with questions, activities, and links to additional information.

Henry and Arabella Huntington loved to collect art, books, and plants. What do you like to collect? Comic books? Coins? Funko POP! figures?

In this interactive journey you’ll dive further into the Botanical collection.

Let's go exploring!

Botanical Vocabulary - Click on a vocabulary word to start your tour!

Now that you have explored six different gardens, do you have a favorite? Which one? Why do you like the one you chose best?

Was there one you really didn’t like? Which one? Why didn’t you like that one?

Do you have a favorite plant, flower, or tree? Cycad? Camellia? Bonsai?

What is one thing you learned about plants today?

Check out what is blooming at The Huntington here!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

We would love to see the art and writing you made!