The Last Orange Grove in Town

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Create your own citrus label!

The Last Orange Grove in Town

When Henry Huntington purchased the land that would become The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, he decided to plant acres and acres of orange groves. Eighty-five acres of oranges, in fact! That is roughly the size of 64 football fields! He hoped that the money he would make from the oranges would help pay for The Huntington to become a public institution. His orange crates even had their own citrus packaging label called “Toucan Brand.” Explore more citrus labels from other fruit growers in The Huntington’s collection. Today, oranges from The Huntington's remaining groves are harvested and donated to Food Forward, a nonprofit organization that supports local food banks. If you are interested in reading about The Huntington’s partnership with Food Forward, click here.

Time to design your own citrus label!


  • A piece of paper
  • Art materials (crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.)


1. Decide which citrus fruit to picture on your label. What is your favorite? Lemons? Limes? Grapefruit? Once you decide, it is time to design your label.

2. Use your art materials to design your a label for your own citrus company. Henry Huntington chose to have a toucan on his label. What will you choose to show? Your fruit? Yourself? An animal? Or will it be an abstract design? It is up to you! You could even include real pieces of the fruit on your label.

3. Be sure to give your citrus brand a name!


1. How is your label similar to the one in the video? How is it different?

2. Citrus labels were meant to identify different citrus growers. What does your label say about you?

3. How did you decide on the name of your citrus brand?