"Red Earth"

"Red Earth" - Body

Document this moment in time with a work of art!

Placed in a bamboo grove at the southern entrance to the Japanese Garden is artist Lita Albuquerque’s installation “Red Earth.” Consisting of a large (three ton!) rock with red pigment, surrounded by bamboo stalks fastened with copper bands, this site-specific work of art was made in response to The Huntington’s Centennial Celebration. Albuquerque’s art relates to a specific moment in time and to our relation to the cosmos. Click here to see installation photos of “Red Earth.” Now, click on the image below to watch a short video. While watching, think about what emotions the artist is trying to show with this work of art. What thoughts or questions do you have?

Lita Albuquerque’s installation “Red Earth,” 2020

Time to make your own artwork!


  • Art-making materials (crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.)
  • Recycled materials (egg cartons, cereal boxes, paper, milk cartons, etc.)
  • Tape


1. Think about how you are feeling in this moment in time. What could you create to symbolize how you are feeling? How could you document this moment in time?

2. Use your art supplies and recycled materials to create a mini sculpture.


1. What did you create to mark this moment in time? How did you decide what to make?

2. Why do you think Lita Albuquerque chose to use red pigment? Do you like the color chosen? If not, what color would you have used? Why?

3. “Red Earth” is displayed at the entrance of the Japanese Garden. Where would you place your piece? Why did you choose this place?