Young girl is reading Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop"

Story Time - How Do You Dance?

Activity 1: DIY Dance Moves

Drawings of dance moves

Here is John’s sketch of his polka, which he made up the moves to, or choreographed, himself. Sketch out your own dance moves and experiment dancing it out with your family and friends. Have an online dance party with friends who live far away, and dance along together.

Share your dance routines with us (drawings or videos, with your grownup’s permission) at #TheHAtHome.

Activity 2: Movement Painting

Movement painting

Thyra Heder’s illustrations give you the sensation of movement on the page. Make your own movement painting by finding things in your home that can roll across a piece of paper. Feel free to put on some tunes and get your body moving while you move your movement painting.

1. Find a flat surface where you can do this project.

2. Put a piece of paper into the inside of a box lid, so that it fits snugly inside. Thick paper works best.

3. Find small things that roll, and that you and your family agree would be perfectly fine to dip into paint.

4. Once you gather your “movers” (beans, marbles, beads etc.) dip them into whatever paint you have on hand.

5. Experiment tipping your paper back and forth, or from side to side. Dip your “movers” into different colors of paint to create a beautiful movement composition.

Steps to creating a movement painting