Young girl is reading Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop"

Story Time - The Museum of Everything

Activity 1: What's a Museum, Anyway?

What is a museum and what is it for? Are humans the only animals that create museums? Do other animals collect? Lookup a species, such as the bower bird or find other animals that “collect and display” online. Are they making museums too? Write down a list of words you associate with museums or talk it over with family and friends. What is your definition of a museum? Look up definitions of “museum” on the internet and see if your ideas are the same or different from what you came up with together

Activity 2: Make Your Own Mini-Museum

Go on an exploration around your home or your neighborhood. Search for your favorite objects and arrange and display your collection or take photos of what you find. Here’s an example of a Museum of Little Things displayed in a printer’s tray. Share your museum with your family and friends. What did you choose to collect? Why did you make those choices? What does each object mean to you? Are they connected to each other in some way, or do they share something in common? Are they completely unrelated and random? Give a guided tour of your museum and share why you chose to put those objects on display.

collection of shells and knickknacks