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One of the world's great research libraries with more than 11 million items spanning the 11th to 21st centuries, with works on display in the Library exhibition halls

Art Museum

British, European, American, and Asian art including more than 45,000 world-renowned examples of decorative arts, paintings, prints and drawings, photography, and sculpture

Botanical Gardens

Encompassing approximately 130 acres, the Botanical Gardens contain more than a dozen spectacular themed gardens with some 83,000 living plants including rare and endangered species

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Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland, Anaheim.


There is little exaggeration in historian Richard Snow’s statement that the Sleeping Beauty Castle has become a sight “as familiar to the world as the Eiffel Tower.” The turrets were painted in pastel shades of pink applied in subtle gradations to help create the illusion of the building as standing taller than its actual height of seventy-seven feet.

Two pages from Agnus castus with notes in the outer margins.

Forbidden Texts in Medieval Manuscripts

A collection of medical remedies doesn’t seem like the obvious place for contentious or problematic texts. Yet in England during the medieval period, certain methods of healing could be controversial.

Coast live Oak

Protecting Our Ancient Coast Live Oak

The Huntington's Chinese Garden was completed in 2020. And although not modeled on any specific garden it follows centuries-old guidelines from Suzhou, China. Part of those traditions include preserving what's already on a chosen site. It's as important as creating new landscapes, compositions, and views. Accordingly, our Chinese Garden is distinctive for its old Coast Live Oaks native to California.


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