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One of the world's great research libraries with 12 million items spanning the 11th to 21st centuries, with works on display in the Library exhibition halls

Art Museum

British, European, American, and Asian art including more than 45,000 world-renowned examples of decorative arts, paintings, prints and drawings, photography, and sculpture

Botanical Gardens

Encompassing approximately 130 acres, the Botanical Gardens contain more than a dozen spectacular themed gardens with some 83,000 living plants including rare and endangered species

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A black-and-white illustrated print of sailboats near a palace.

New Perspectives on Early Encounters between China and the West

Historians long thought the Qing dynasty was arrogant, xenophobic, and closed to the world. If it had been more open, they argued, China would have been able to counter the Western advance. Recently, however, scholars have shown that the Qing were far more cosmopolitan, open, and connected than once believed.

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Hdoc: Finding Judith

Honor Sachs, an Associate Professor of History at the University of Colorado Boulder, is a historian of early America whose research focuses on slavery, law, and family. She is currently writing a multigenerational history of an enslaved family that sued for freedom claiming Indigenous ancestry.

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The Art of Sargent Claude Johnson

Scholars reexamine Sargent Claude Johnson’s life and work through a new lens, exploring his role within the development of American modernism and his influence among artists. From sculptures of underrepresented subjects to majestic architectural commissions, Johnson’s oeuvre is viewed within an expansive framework of global modernism.


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Explore acres full of spectacular color and fragrance. Wisteria and many other plants are blooming now throughout the gardens.


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