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Research & Fellowships

The Huntington is a collections-based research institute, which promotes humanities scholarship on the basis of its library, art, and botanical collections.

Each year, some 2,000 scholars in the fields of history, literature, botanical science, art history, and the history of science, technology, and medicine come from around the world to conduct academic research in The Huntington’s library, art, and botanical collections. The scholarship that is carried out in the reading rooms results in academic monographs and scholarly articles, in bestselling and prizewinning books, in acclaimed documentary films, and in many of the history and social studies texts used to educate the nation’s schoolchildren. The Huntington also disseminates research through an extensive program of academic conferences, workshops, seminars, and lectures.

Using the Collections

  • Library Collections: Researchers from over 30 countries visit the Library’s reading rooms annually to study rare collections, while thousands more make use of the Library’s virtual services and digital collections remotely. Get access >
  • Art Collections: Find information on tens of thousands of paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, and other works of art in The Huntington’s Art Collections or make an appointment to see collections in person. Search >
  • Botanical Collections: Search The Huntington’s living botanical collections, an active herbarium, cacti and succulent collections, and more. Search >
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News from the Director of Research

April 2024 - I am delighted to announce the 2024–25 roster of scholars who have been awarded Long-Term Fellowships, Short-Term Fellowships, and Travel Grants. This year’s cohort of Long-Term Fellows features scholars who work across the globe in multiple disciplines, from the late medieval period to the present.

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  • Conferences and Lectures
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This year, The Huntington has awarded long-term research fellowships to 13 individuals, including (from left) Serena Zabin (Carleton College), Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University), writer and historian Megan Kate Nelson, Susan Amussen (University of California, Merced), Nayan Shah (USC), Alison Hirsch (USC), and Susan Scott Parrish (University of Michigan).     | The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

Welcoming the 2024–25 Huntington Research Fellows

The Huntington annually welcomes approximately 150 long- and short-term research fellows, selected through a competitive, peer-review process that provides $1.4 million in awards. These fellows are among the roughly 2,000 scholars in the fields of history, literature, botanical science, art history, and the history of science, technology, and medicine who come from around the world each year to conduct academic research in The Huntington’s collections.

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The Huntington Library awards over 150 research fellowships annually. Applicants for long-term (yearlong) fellowships must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. at the time of application. Short-term fellowships (five months or less) and travel grants/exchange fellowships (for study abroad) are open to both doctoral candidates who have advanced to candidacy (ABD) at the time of the application deadline and to faculty members and other postdoctoral scholars.

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Academic Conferences and Lectures

The Huntington hosts academic conferences and lectures every year open to the public. Program details are available approximately two months prior to the conference date on the calendar.

Awarded Fellowships

Meet the current long-term fellows and learn about their research projects at The Huntington.

Susan Scott Parrish

Susan Scott Parrish, Professor, English, University of Michigan The Talking Woods: Black American Life and Its Forest Materials

Susan Amussen

FLETCHER JONES FOUNDATION DISTINGUISHED FELLOW Susan Amussen, Professor, History, UC Merced Placing Patriarchy in Early Modern Britain and its Empire

Serena Zabin

ROBERT C. RITCHIE DISTINGUISHED FELLOW Serena Zabin, Professor, History, Carleton College American Affections: The Life of Mary Fish Noyes Silliman Dickinson, 1736-1818

Megan Kate Nelson

ROGERS DISTINGUISHED FELLOW IN 19TH-CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY Megan Kate Nelson, Writer and Historian, History The Westerners: Creating America’s Most Iconic Region

Nayan Shah

LOS ANGELES TIMES DISTINGUISHED FELLOW Nayan Shah, Professor, American Studies, University of Southern California Asian American Visual Imagination and Belonging 

ShiPu Wang

HANNAH AND RUSSEL KULLY DISTINGUISHED FELLOW IN AMERICAN ART Dr. ShiPu Wang, Professor of Art History and the Coats Family Chair in the Arts at the University of California, Merced 

Christin Zurbach

CEDARS SINAI/HUNTINGTON LIBRARY POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW Christin Zurbach, PhD Candidate, History, UC Berkeley Doctoring Society: The Professionalization of Ottoman Medicine

Alani Hicks-Bartlett

DIBNER RESEARCH FELLOWS IN THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Alani Hicks-Bartlett, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, Brown University Writing the Disabled Self in Early Modern Literature: Petrarch, Montaigne, Cervantes

Jeannie Shinozuka

DIBNER RESEARCH FELLOWS IN THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Jeannie Shinozuka, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies, Washington State University Model Minority Intelligence: Race, Education & Citizenship, 1910-1965

Cori Tucker-Price

DANA AND DAVID DORNSIFE FELLOW Cori Tucker-Price, Fellow, Religious Studies, University of Southern California In the Land of Milk and Honey: Democratic Religion and the Forging of Black Resistance in Los Angles, 1903-1953

Erik Linstrum

FLETCHER JONES FOUNDATION FELLOW Erik Linstrum, Associate Professor, History, University of Virgina Futurelands: Britain, Europe, and the World at the End of Empire

Adam Domby

KEMBLE FELLOW IN MARITIME HISTORY Adam Domby, Associate Professor, History, Auburn University Freedom’s War on the Waters: The Forgotten Story of How African Americans Won the Civil War at Sea and Saved the Union

Patricia Yu

MELLON FELLOW Patricia Yu, Assistant Professor, History of Art/Architecture, Kenyon College Reproducing the Fragmented Body of the Garden of Perfect Brightness

Jonathan Hsy

MOLINA FELLOW IN THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE & ALLIED SCIENCES Jonathan Hsy, Professor, English, George Washington University Crafty Mobilities: Disability, Life Writing, and a Global Middle Ages

Devoney Looser

NEH FELLOWS Devoney Looser, Professor, English, Arizona State University The Stunning Gunnings: Two Generations of Enterprising Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Women Who Riveted the Public and Transformed Troubled Lives into Bestselling Fiction

Tara Lyons

NEH FELLOWS Tara Lyons, Associate Professor, English, Illinois State University Her Books: Women’s Libraries in an Age of Rebellion (1640-1660)

Alison Hirsch

SHAPIRO CENTER FOR AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE FELLOW Alison Hirsch, Associate Professor, Architecture, University of Southern California The Other California: Land, Loss, Labor, and Liberated Futures Along Phantom Shores

Christine Garnier

BARBARA THOM POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS Christine Garnier, Fellow, History of Art/Architecture, University of Southern California The American Silverscape: Art, Land, and Extraction

Laura Nelson

BARBARA THOM POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS Laura Nelson, Fellow, Humanities, University of Southern California After School: Radical Experiments in Education and Collective Life

Dominique Polanco

BARBARA THOM POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS Dominique Polanco, Assistant Professor, Religion and Culture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Copying the Colony: The Pintura del gobernadora, alcaldes y regidores de México’s Many Editions Manuscript

Damon Akins

OCCIDENTAL/BILLINGTON VISITING PROFESSOR IN U.S. HISTORY Damon Akins, Professor, History, Guilford College Las Californias: A Brief History Beyond the Missions, 1821-54

Alex Mazzaferro

FLETCHER JONES FOUNDATION FELLOW IN THE HUNTINGTON-UC PROGRAM FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE HUMANITIES Alex Mazzaferro, Assistant Professor, English, UCLA The Innovation Prohibition and the New Science of Politics in Colonial America

Nydia Pineda de Ávila


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209 Books Published by Fellows

Huntington fellowships support quality research that advances scholarship in the humanities and makes use of The Huntington’s extensive archival and rare book collections. Since 1995, there have been 209 books published by long-term fellows.