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Academic Conferences

The Huntington hosts academic conferences every year open to the public. Conference details are available approximately two months prior to the conference date on the calendar. Conference registration does not include entrance to the research library. For information about becoming a researcher, visit Using the Library

Upcoming Conferences


September 22-23, 2023
Paintings, Peepshows, and Porcupines: Exhibitions in London, 1775-1851
Conveners: Jordan Bear (University of Toronto) & Catherine Roach (Virginia Commonwealth University)

November 3-4, 2023
Maritime History from Below: Re-Thinking Societies and the Sea
James Davey (University of Exeter) & Kevin Dawson (UC Merced)

December 8-9, 2023

Correspondence and Embodiment: The Bluestocking Corpus Online
Conveners: Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes University) & Anna Senkiw (Oxford Brookes University)


February 23-24, 2024
Shaping Black Modernisms: Art, Culture, and Community in California
Conveners: Jacqueline Francis (California College of the Arts), John Bowles (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Dennis Carr (The Huntington) & Lauren Cross (The Huntington)

March 1-2, 2024
Ecologies of Photography: Materials, Industries, and Environment in the American West
Monica Bravo (USC) & Carolin Gorgen (Sorbonne)

April 12-13, 2024
Gods, Guns, and Gardens: China and the West, from the Manchu Conquest to the Opium Wars
Convener: Tonio Andrade (Emory University)

May 23-24, 2024
Futurity as Praxis: Learning from Octavia E. Butler
Conveners: Andre Carrington (UC Riverside) & Sherryl Vint (UC Riverside)

Previous Conferences


June 23, 2023
Slave Trading in the Spanish and British Atlantic Worlds
Conveners: Greg O’Malley (UC Santa Cruz) & Emily Berquist Soule (CSU Long Beach)

April 2122, 2023
Objects, Pathways, and Afterlives: Tracing Material Cultures in Early America
Conveners: Jennifer Van Horn (University of Delaware), Scott Manning Stevens (Syracuse), Christina DeLucia (Williams College), Tiya Miles (Harvard)


Sept. 1617, 2022
Law and New Media
Convener Jennifer Tucker (Wesleyan University)

Oct. 1415, 2022
Centering Race and Disability in Histories of Eugenics
Conveners: Alexandra Minna Stern (Michigan) & Natalie Lira (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Nov. 1112, 2022
Imagining Shakespeare in 2050
Convener: Ayanna Thompson (Arizona State University)

Dec. 89, 2022
Race and Place in Nineteenth-Century New York State: Rethinking William S. Seward and Thomas Cole
Conveners: Graham Hodges (Colgate) & Tim Barringer (Yale)