Temporary and ongoing exhibitions can be seen in the Library Exhibition Hall, Huntington Art Gallery, Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art, Studio for Lodging the Mind, Boone Gallery, and Botanical Flora-Legium.

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Detail view of an immersive art installation with a wooden canoe and various found objects.

Betye Saar: Drifting Toward Twilight

Nov. 11, 2023–Nov. 30, 2025 | Renowned American artist Betye Saar’s large-scale work “Drifting Toward Twilight”—recently commissioned by The Huntington—is a site-specific installation that features a 17-foot-long vintage wooden canoe and found objects, including birdcages, antlers, and natural materials harvested by Saar from The Huntington’s grounds.

A large sculpture in a garden, created with charred wood and ceramics.

Mineo Mizuno: Homage to Nature

May 25, 2024–May 25, 2029 | This site-specific work explores the fragility of the Earth’s ecosystem, as well as the destruction of the forest and its potential for regeneration. The sculpture celebrates the beauty of wood in its natural state and emphasizes its potential as a reusable and renewable resource.

A sepia tone illustration of a knight on a horse, surrounded by various.

Albrecht Dürer: Wanderlust

June 1–Sept. 23, 2024 | This exhibition explores how German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer’s travels to Italy and beyond, and the cultural exchange with his contemporaries, transformed European art.


Red Earth graphic

Red Earth by Lita Albuquerque

Installed near the southern entrance to the Japanese Garden, Lita Albuquerque’s Red Earth features an approximately 6-by-4-foot rock slab coated with bright red pigment and surrounded by bamboo.

b/w photo of woman with beaded necklaces


A portion of The Huntington’s American art collection is contextualized with contributions from contemporary artists in “Borderlands,” a new permanent collections installation that explores a more expansive view of American art history.

Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times

Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times

The Huntington Library’s extraordinary holdings of 12 million items reveal an infinite number of stories. The works on display give voice to some of the collection’s depth and breadth in the culture and history of North America, the British Isles, continental Europe, the Atlantic world, and the Pacific Rim.

replica of the Red Car

Mapel Orientation Gallery

Travel back in time and meet founder Henry E. Huntington, see a Red Car replica, grab a themed tour guide, create your own masterpiece, and even take a selfie with the Blue Boy!

statue on gallery floor with flowers at base

Mineo Mizuno: In the Huntington Art Gallery

Three striking new works by California-based artist Mineo Mizuno activate the Huntington Art Gallery and its outdoor loggia to invite new ways of looking at the art collections and surrounding gardens.


Aquatint depicting smoke rising from chimneys, in the foreground a person rides a horse, followed by a dog.

Storm Cloud: Picturing the Origins of Our Climate Crisis

Sept. 14, 2024–Jan. 6, 2025 | “Storm Cloud” analyzes the impact of industrialization and a globalized economy on everyday life from 1780 to 1930, as charted by scientists, artists, and writers, and contextualizes the current climate crisis within this historical framework.

Multicolor woodblock print on paper, of a flowering plant within a circle

奪天工 Growing and Knowing in the Gardens of China

Sept. 14, 2024–Jan. 6, 2025 | This exhibition displays 24 artworks and a performance piece highlighting how Chinese gardens have served as transformative spaces for growing and contemplating plants, encouraging visitors to view their gardens as sources of delight, nourishment, and inspiration.

An enamel artwork featuring a person and a dog looking at a glowing square on an ornate carpet.

Raqib Shaw: Ballads of East and West

Nov. 16, 2024–March 3, 2025 | Raqib Shaw: Ballads of East and West is an invitation to see the world as Raqib Shaw sees it. The London-based artist, known for his opulent and fantastical works, blends Eastern and Western influences to create mesmerizing paintings that merge fable, history, and autobiography.


Mabel Hong (second from right, standing) at Chinese American Citizens Alliance picnic, 1950s

Stories and Voices from L.A. Chinatown

Explore the history of Los Angeles’ Chinatown, the first community in North America to be planned and owned by people of Chinese descent.