Art Collections Rights and Reproductions

Permission to reproduce images or texts of materials owned by The Huntington Art Collections is granted when the use of the materials, in any format, conforms to the following terms:

  • The images or texts are used for scholarly, educational, artistic, cultural, or scientific purposes or for Huntington-approved commercial purposes.
  • The integrity of the images or texts used commercially is maintained and their use meets standards of appropriateness established by The Huntington. Some examples of inappropriate use may be defined as context that might be misleading or defamatory, alteration of the original form, meaning, or intent of the creator of the materials, or use that would compete with or detract from an existing or planned Huntington use.
  • The use of the materials in publication complies with any donor agreements attached to the materials.
  • The use of the materials in publication complies with copyright restrictions.
  • The requester obtains and provides proper credit for the sources of images or texts used.
  • The requester pays appropriate fees for publication or other reproduction.

Copyright Notice

The Huntington's granting permission to publish does not transfer copyright, and permission is granted only to the extent of Huntington ownership of the rights related to the request. Certain works requested, which are physically owned by The Huntington, may be protected by copyright, trademark, or related interests not owned by The Huntington. The responsibility for determining whether any such intangible rights exist, for obtaining all necessary permissions, and for guarding against the infringement of those rights that may be held elsewhere, remains with the requester.

The Huntington has contracted with Bridgeman Images and SuperStock to handle images frequently requested for commercial use. The Huntington Art Collections reserves the right to refer users to these third parties to fulfill requests for Huntington images in their inventories.

Art Collections Policy

The Huntington Art Collections provides high-resolution TIFFs for reproduction, publication, and study. It is the responsibility of the requester to research and to comply with all copyright provisions. Orders are reviewed and processed weekly, and permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. Upon receipt of completed forms and payment of invoices, images will be available for download through the Huntington's online delivery service. There is a 4-week turnaround time.

Initiate a Request for Art Collections materials

To initiate an image fulfillment request and/or permission to reproduce images, complete the request form and email to

To request images for library material, see Library Services.