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DeShawn Wynn

DeShawn Wynn Our 53,000 Member households, whose Membership fees help pay for The Huntington’s operating expenses, are the heartbeat of the institution. Here is a look at one of our Member families and what they find special about The Huntington.

DeShawn Wynn has been an Affiliate Member since 2019. Amid her fast-paced and busy schedule as the founder and owner of her event management company, DeShawn finds much needed moments of Zen at The Huntington. “You can find me with my laptop handy during my visits,” she says. “After strolling through the gardens, I’m relaxed, and my energy is renewed to tackle work.” DeShawn’s frequent visits have also sparked her curiosity to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. So, when she saw a private golf cart tour listed as part of the “Sharing the Love” fundraising campaign for The Huntington, she immediately signed up. “Not only was this a special way to celebrate my birthday with friends, but I also wanted to support The Huntington with an additional donation outside of my Membership,” DeShawn says. “I was blown away by the projects I saw. It’s been delightful to go to Member openings and see completed projects, which were underway during my golf cart tour.”

To join, renew, or learn more about Membership at The Huntington, visit huntington.org/membership or call 626-405-2124.