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Ricki and Joel Robinson

Ricki and Joel Robinson

Mothers and caregivers should feel comfortable feeding their babies anywhere, but for those who prefer a bit more privacy, The Huntington is proud to announce a new Nursing Mother’s Room. This project has been a true labor of love, and it is made possible by generous funding from Ricki and Joel Robinson, members of the Society of Fellows.

For Ricki, who is also a member of the Board of Governors, this project fits into her professional and philanthropic interests. A pediatrician and leading expert on autism, Ricki is the co-director of Descanso Medical Center for Development and Learning in La Cañada, a clinical professor of pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and a senior attending physician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

During their 20-plus years of involvement as donors to The Huntington, the Robinsons have seen the institution grow and change. The couple finds the addition of the Nursing Mother’s Room particularly rewarding, because it will benefit so many families visiting The Huntington. The couple is delighted to support the project and feel passionately about providing this family space.

While mothers and caregivers are welcome to nurse, bottle-feed, or pump wherever they feel comfortable at The Huntington, the Nursing Mother’s Room will provide a private, accommodating place. The room is located in the June and Merle Banta Education Center, which is part of the Steven S. Koblik Education and Visitor Center. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, the room includes a cushioned armchair, a small table, a locking door, and an electrical outlet, as well as a diaper-changing table and a sink with running water. For security purposes, the room has a keypad entry and requires a code. Visitors may request the code from Visitor Services or Security staff.

Designed to serve caregivers with infants, this room is ADA compliant and will fit a stroller. Thank you to Ricki and Joel for helping to provide this important and necessary family space!

The Society of Fellows is The Huntington’s premier group of philanthropic supporters. To learn more and become a part of this philanthropic community, please contact Pamela Hearn, director of the Society of Fellows, at 626-405-2264 or phearn@huntington.org.