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The Society of Fellows: In Good Company

“Members of the Society of Fellows are among the most devoted and engaged members of The Huntington community,” says Pamela Hearn, director of the Society of Fellows.

This premier group of philanthropists generates essential support for maintaining the library, art, and botanical collections. Encompassing more than 640 households, Fellows are partners in The Huntington’s public mission to engage a broad range of individuals through groundbreaking exhibitions, thought-provoking programs, and educational activities designed to bring the collections to life. The annual contribution begins at $2,500 per year. Membership is open to all.

“The Society of Fellows was established in 1973, and 50 years on, we now count many second- and third-generation Fellows among our close-knit group,” Hearn says.

family sitting in front of fountain

Society of Fellows members Nick and Katie Grosvenor with their children, Lemon (left) and Crew, at The Huntington. Photo by Jamie Pham. 

Katie and Nick Grosvenor are prime examples. Katie grew up going to The Huntington with her family, and she introduced Nick to her favorite place when they started dating. Now the couple frequently travels to The Huntington from their home in the Larchmont Village area, bringing their young children, Lemon and Crew, and making their connection a third-generation one. “It’s our family’s happy place,” Katie says.

Lemon and Crew particularly love the Children’s Garden and Chinese Garden. The entire family enjoys exploring all aspects of The Huntington, learning new things, and talking with volunteers.

“One time we met a retired surgeon who said he came to The Huntington for an event that got him hooked on bonsai trees. And now, 25 years later, he’s volunteering here, clipping bonsais,” Katie recalls.

The Grosvenors also appreciate the unparalleled benefits of being Fellows, which include exhibition previews, events with scholars and curators, the celebrated Huntington Ball, travel opportunities, early access to the grounds, and behind-the-scenes tours.

“There’s so much to see and so much to learn,” Nick says. “It’s important to our family to preserve that because it means so much to us—and it means so much to the community.”

If you are interested in joining this vibrant philanthropic community, please contact Pamela Hearn, director of the Society of Fellows, at 626-405-2264 or phearn@huntington.org.