Survival through Adaptation

Water is Life

Why Water?

lily pond with groups of leaves and koi fish

Have you ever been thirsty? What did it feel like? Did you notice your lips getting chapped? Maybe you noticed yourself getting sleepy? All bodies need water to function. Without water, our organs cannot do the work that our bodies need them to do. Plant bodies are the same!

Roots, stems, and leaves all have important jobs in the plant, and they all need water. Leaves use water when photosynthesizing. Leaves release water through their stomas (tiny pores in the leaf), and this helps the plant stay cool. Roots use water, which they draw up from the earth, to carry nutrients to the plant. Stems continue the nutrients’ journey by carrying the water from the roots to the leaves. Stems also use water to help them move!

Plants use water to make food through photosynthesis, to move nutrients and sugars through their bodies, and to help them move their branches toward sunlight.