Raquel Folgado

Raquel Folgado
Cryopreservation Research Botanist
Department: Botanical, Collections, Conservation, & Research

Raquel Folgado serves as The Huntington Cryopreservation Research Botanist leading the cryobiotechnology program that involves conservation science projects on avocado and other wild plants. The lab focuses on developing and optimizing methods to store plant germplasm in liquid nitrogen, the safest way to ensure long-term ex situ conservation. Raquel's work also focuses on training and collaborating with national and international researchers and institutions to exchange knowledge and skills in cryobiotechnology and plant abiotic stress.

Raquel's scientific interests aim to better understand the nutritional requirements of plants in tissue culture conditions and their tolerance to abiotic constraints, which will help standardize cryobiotechnology tools for exceptional plant species and specialty crops.

Raquel has created in vitro repositories at The Huntington to preserve and allow the distribution of Persea, Aloe, Agave, Quercus, and Magnolia species and some cultivars with horticultural value like the avocado rootstocks or the aloe hybrids.

Raquel holds a bachelor's degree in fundamental biology and biotechnology from Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, and a Ph.D. from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, in bioscience engineering. She is associated with scientific societies and serves as a peer reviewer for several scientific journals.


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