The Huntington Library’s Gutenberg Bible and the Art of the Book in 15th-Century Europe

Posted on Wed., May 19, 2021

Eric White, Scheide Librarian and Assistant University Librarian for Special Collections, Rare Books, and Manuscripts at Princeton University, investigates the history and art of The Huntington's Gutenberg Bible, beginning with the beautiful black-ink printing on fine vellum in Mainz ca. 1455, continuing with the magnificent hand-illumination of the initial letters, borders and the original leather binding in a faraway city, and including the long-forgotten addition of devotional prints, later removed and now held by other institutions. He also traces the rediscovery of the volumes two centuries ago and their long journey through various private collections prior to their arrival in the Huntington Library. This event is the Zeidberg Lecture in the History of the Book.