Wedding Planner Qualifications

We recommend using our Preferred Planners, as they are highly skilled at creating extraordinary event experiences within the spaces of our historic museum property. If you prefer to use your own wedding planner, planners should review the following qualifications and then contact us for more information or to schedule a site visit.


  • Wedding planners must be contracted with the client for a minimum of 120 days of service prior to the wedding event, with services including client and vendor site inspections and communications, all on-site meetings, all vendor load-in and load-out days, and day-of coordination.
  • Wedding planners must carry liability insurance, satisfactory to The Huntington, of not less than $5 million and indemnify The Huntington.


  • Serve as the liaison between The Huntington Weddings Representative and all other parties (client, families, bridal party, and vendors) to ensure smooth operation throughout the event process.
  • Provide a detailed event layout plan, generated in coordination with The Huntington Weddings Representative and in compliance with The Huntington’s best practices guidelines, at least six weeks prior to the start of work, to include vendor contact information and a list of rental equipment and suppliers.
  • Organize all vendors and ensure that vendors read, sign, and comply with The Huntington Event Guidelines. Provide copies of signed forms at least five business days prior to start of work.
  • Schedule and supervise all load-in, setup, event, breakdown, and load-out activities, and have a representative on property whenever work is going on or deliveries are scheduled. Provide a written sequence of event day activities to The Huntington Weddings Representative at least two weeks prior to event day. The Huntington may require you to provide additional assistants for large or complex events. At least one representative must be present at all event locations until the conclusion of all event-related activities, maintaining direct contact with the client and all vendors until departure.
  • Create a detailed timeline for all load-in, setup, event day, and load-out activities, with a written sequence to be provided to The Huntington at least two weeks prior to the start of work. Confirm all setup and breakdown times and locations, and all call times for the event, to all vendors in writing, with a copy to The Huntington Weddings Representative at least five business days in advance.
  • Ensure that all vendors and deliveries comply with neighborhood access and schedule restrictions by providing route maps and information to vendors and vendors’ suppliers.
  • Ensure that all vendors obtain necessary permits and evidence of insurance coverage and provide copies to The Huntington prior to the start of work.