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A bingo board with a free space in the center is decorated with 8 titled pictures of brightly colored desert plants.

Briar B.'s Desert Garden Bingo

Choose one of these bingo cards and play a round of Desert Garden Bingo.

A playing card with an image of a green rosette-shaped succulent called "Greenovia"; when the player receives this card they can take any card from another player.

Chloe C.'s Garden Card Game

Print out and play an interactive card game based on The Huntington's gardens.

A sheet of paper titled "Desert Garden Guessing Game" has 4 empty squares and instructions to draw 4 plants based on text-based plant descriptions.

Karely O.'s Drawing Guessing Game

Imagine and draw what a plant might look like based on reading a text description.

A sheet of paper is titled "Which Desert Plant Are You?"

Serena C.'s Desert Plant Personality Quiz

Answer four questions to find your inner desert plant persona.

The text Puzzle inside a green circle.