Virtual Curator Talk: How to Read Decorative Arts Objects with Lauren Cross

Lauren Cross, the Gail-Oxford Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts at The Huntington, discusses how decorative arts objects, such as quilts and jars, can provide lessons about history, art, and culture.

What can decorative arts objects, such as quilts and jars, teach us about history, art, and culture? Lauren Cross, Ph.D., provides K–12 teachers with strategies on how students can learn to read an everyday object and understand its connections to history, art, and culture. This Virtual Educator Talk offers innovative approaches to enhance lesson plans and connect the content with curriculum.

This talk aligns with our learning resource, Becoming America: Thinking through Identity, Culture, and Traditions in Early America.

Talk Schedule

6:00 p.m. - Program Begins
6:05 p.m. - Talk by Lauren Cross
6:35 p.m. - Classroom Connections with Education Staff
6:45 p.m. - Q&A
6:55 p.m. - Wrap Up