The Funtington: Family Fun with The Huntington

Join us for five days of free online fun, filled with music, visual art, nature, and cooking demonstrations for kids and families! The Funtington: Family Fun with The Huntington is packed with activities suitable for children of all ages and will have the whole family singing songs, making art, learning how living things grow and change, and becoming kitchen magicians. Pre-recorded, activity-based videos will be released at 10 a.m. each day and will be available to watch any time after.

Metamorphosis Monday

Butterfly on finger It’s Metamorphosis Monday! Join Kate, Bhi, Bob, Cris, and Joy for a marvelous day of butterflies, art and food, and explore the meaning of metamorphosis.

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Tasty Tuesday

French toast

It's Tasty Tuesday! Join Bob, Riz, and Bhi for a delicious day of treats, tea parties, and sing-alongs that explore the yummy history of food in art.

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Work of Art Wednesday

Forever (For Sally) quilt

It's Work of Art Wednesday! Join Riz, Joy, Bob, and Bhi for a day of creativity and learning with art activities, stories, snacks, and songs that dive into the importance of art.

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Secret Garden Thursday

Head Ranch gardener Cara

It's Secret Garden Thursday! Join Cara, Riz, Bob, Joy, and Bhi for a day of exploration and growth full of gardening, stories, treats, art, crafts, and songs that explore the natural beauty around us.

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Future Friday

Staff member Cris with Sofia Valdez book

It's Future Friday! Join Cris, Riz, Bob, and Bhi for an imaginative day of crafts, learning, stories, and songs that take a peek into the future.

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Family Fun Saturday

Bhi Bhiman playing guitar

It's Family Fun Saturday! Join us for a day of free online fun for families, featuring videos from our community partners that celebrate artists in our communities. Highlights include Porfirio Gutierrez's "Living Color: Carmine Red", The Pablove Foundation's photography show, a WriteGirl poetry reading, and The Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) Art Show, inspired by plants in our botanical collections.

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