Tour group at The Huntington

1. Begin at the Library Exhibition Hall with the Gutenberg Bible. This milestone in Western civilization is the first major book outside of Asia to be printed with movable type. The gorgeous 15th-century tome marked the beginning of modern printing and launched a communications revolution that helped spread literacy and knowledge.

2. In the Huntington Art Gallery, you’ll find two of our most famous paintings: Thomas Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy and Thomas Lawrence’s Pinkie. Painted more than two decades apart, the portraits originally had no connection to each other, but they have been paired in the popular imagination ever since they were acquired by Henry E. Huntington in the 1920s.

3. Since you’re short on time, here’s a 2-for-1 deal: Swing by our renowned Japanese Garden, which leads directly into our stunning...

4. ...Chinese Garden. See, you’ve barely left Japan and you’re already in China! (If only travel really worked that way.) Take a few moments to observe the very different styles of architecture and landscape design that distinguish these two gardens.