Young girl is reading Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop"

Story Time - Why Is Blue Dog Blue?

Activity 1: What Inspires YOU, Artist?

Artists find inspiration all around them when they create. Maybe it’s the way a feather floats in the wind that inspires a dancer to whirl and twirl. Maybe it’s the sound of rain that inspires a musician to play certain notes on their instrument. It could be the color of the ocean that inspires a painter to move a brush across the canvas. There is inspiration everywhere! What inspires you when you create art? Write, draw, sing, dance, or even yell about what inspires you!

Activity 2: Color Your World

Multicolor drawings of palm trees

We learned that George likes to use his imagination to paint what he likes. We also learned that you don’t have to paint things as they are! George painted Blue Dog red, yellow, green, and even salmon pink, depending on how he felt. Can you create something in different colors like Blue Dog? What made you choose the colors you chose?