News from the Director of Research - Jan. 2024

Susan Juster

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  • New Long-Term Fellow
  • Fellowship Competition
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Jan. 2024 - We are pleased to welcome our newest member of the long-term fellows cohort, Hannah Anderson, who joined us in January after completing her first semester as an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Anderson was able to negotiate a later start to her fellowship year with her university and will be in residence through August to take full advantage of her Huntington fellowship. She is one of our Dibner Research Fellows in the History of Science and is working on a project titled “Lived Botany: Settlers and Natural History in the Early British Empire.”

Over the next four weeks, 20 senior scholars representing our core fields of British and American history; British and American literature; history of art; and the history of science, technology, and medicine will come to Pasadena to serve as peer reviewers for the 2024-25 fellowship competition. This is a real labor of love on their part: We offer a very modest stipend and two days of hospitality for what is an enormous amount of work, reading and evaluating around 100 applications and taking part in a marathon six-hour discussion to choose the awardees. These meetings are one of the highlights of my job, and I am grateful that so many senior colleagues say yes when I ask them to serve.

Starting in early March, hundreds of eager applicants will receive the welcome news that they have been awarded a Huntington fellowship. We’ll circulate the full list of awarded fellowships in the spring so you can see the extraordinary range and high quality of the projects being pursued in our collections. We anticipate awarding 140 short-term fellowships and 10 long-term fellowships, plus two collaborative long-term awards with partner institutions (the Ray Allen Billington Chair in American History with Occidental College and a newly created postdoctoral fellowship in the history of medicine with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center).

Please check out our upcoming list of conferences and lectures, all of which are open to the public with advance registration. It’s going to be a busy two months!

Susan Juster
W.M. Keck Foundation Director of Research

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