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A labeled chart depicting the West coast of Central and South America featuring buildings and flags.

Kristi Westberg

Buccaneer's Atlas

Long piece of parchment with written text and a dark crease down the middle.

Jessamy Gloor

Third Treaty of Prairie Du Chien between the U.S. and the Winnebago Tribe

Photograph of flower fields in Los Angeles-Hollywood with a group of individuals standing amongst the flowers.

Jacklyn Chi

Arthur Ito Papers

Zoomed in image of a hand written diary.

Cynthia Kapteyn

William S. McBride diary

Inside book cover with orange, blue, white and pink swirls with a designed inscription at the top.

Austin Plann Curley

Speculum vitae humanae

Icon with a light bulb, star, and shapes above a pencil.

Create a Herbarium Specimen

Preserve information about a particular plant for future generations.

Succulent plant with reddish green leaves. The leaves have yellow spine-like growths on the edges and on the back.

Aloe mitriformis

Look closely at this aloe. What do you notice? How do you think this plant has adapted to survive in its environment?