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Black velvet cap in the shape of a pointed oval, with beadwork in blue, white, green, yellow, and red forming flowers and stems all over; made by a Haudenosaunee woman.

Niagara Hat

How do our cultural values affect the way we view and create art?

Woodblock print featuring a black and white bird sitting on a fruiting branch and eating a small orange fruit.

Ten Bamboo Studio Manual

Walk through a printed garden.

Artwork shows stylized plant parts in reds, blues, and greens. Each plant part appears multiple times on the artwork.

Morris Wall Art

How can local plants and animals inspire art?

Three panels depict a woodland scene. The panels include humans, animals, and plants. The panels are wood and gold.

Organ Screen

Music, Art, Nature, and Storytelling

Olive penjing against a white wall.


“The goal is to create the sense of a tree as though you took it out of nature” —Che Zhao Sheng

A bonsai wisteria with drooping purple flowers against a black background.


How can a tree be structured to look like a miniature version of its natural form?

A leafy plant in a garden grows in the shape of an animal's head.


Growing a Sculpture

Four illustrations of flowers in a grid.

Young Botanical Artists

Explore four botanical artworks created by Huntington Teen Volunteers and read the artists’ statements about their work.