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Painting with spray of flowers in a vase at the center top above a watermelon and basket, with various fruit like grapes and peaches spread around the bottom.

Object Story: Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, Flowers, and Cornucopia

Still life painting with a basket of fruit, vase of flowers center, a large watermelon on a plate and cornucopia attributed to the artist Joseph Proctor.

Folk Art, Vernacular Art, or Naïve Art?

Many of the objects in the Fielding Collection such as Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, Flowers, and Cornucopia attributed to Joseph Proctor are often considered “folk art.”  Some people prefer to use related terms like “naïve,” “vernacular,” or “nonacademic” instead of “folk.”  All of these terms describe work by artists who may not have had extensive, formal training or decided not to follow the teachings and ideas of traditional art instruction.

Icon with a light bulb, star, and shapes above a pencil.

Activity: Classroom Still Life

Practice creating a still life using characteristics of the genre.

Four illustrations of flowers in a grid.

Botanical Art

Learn about botanical art and create your own artwork.