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Painting with a reddish mountain in the background, hills in the midground, and trees and water in the foreground.


How can artists express their understandings of the natural world through composite landscape paintings?

Painting of a valley with greenery in the valley basin and high vertical mountains. A waterfall is visible on one of the mountain faces.


Natural Beauty and National Identity: One Artist’s Impact

Blue photograph depicting tall pine-like trees, large boulders, and a rushing creek.

The Land of Little Rain

Environmental Exploration and Environmental Storytelling

Printed illustration of six dogs howling. The dogs are on the snow and an arc of light is at the top of the image. The text below the image reads: "With the aurora borealis flaming coldly overhead."

The Call of the Wild

Adventure, setting and character development

Oil painting of the profile of a steamship on the water in front of green hills; the boat is flying an American flag and towing a sloop with a tall mast, the sloop's back half cut off from view by the edge of the canvas.

Object Story: The Steamboat "Peter Crary"

A highly-detailed “ship portrait” of a steamboat pulling another vessel.

Brass lamp that resembles a large candlestick with a reservoir and two wick holders at the top in the shape of a V.

Object Story: Lamp

A brass lamp with two burners made for burning oil.

Icon with a light bulb, star, and shapes above a pencil.

Activity: What Can a Basket Tell Us

Explore different features of Indigenous baskets to understand the lives of people from different times, places, and cultures.

Oval-shaped woven basket with lid and movable handles, with indigo and red splints interwoven throughout.

Object Story: Basket

An ash splint basket created by a Mohegan artisan, a Native American tribe from the Northeastern woodlands region of North America.