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Woodblock print featuring a black and white bird sitting on a fruiting branch and eating a small orange fruit.

Ten Bamboo Studio Manual

Walk through a printed garden.

Artwork shows stylized plant parts in reds, blues, and greens. Each plant part appears multiple times on the artwork.

Morris Wall Art

How can local plants and animals inspire art?

Three panels depict a woodland scene. The panels include humans, animals, and plants. The panels are wood and gold.

Organ Screen

Music, Art, Nature, and Storytelling

Printed illustration of six dogs howling. The dogs are on the snow and an arc of light is at the top of the image. The text below the image reads: "With the aurora borealis flaming coldly overhead."

The Call of the Wild

Adventure, setting and character development

A hill in a garden. At the base of the hill are rocks, spherical green and yellow succulents, and purple flowers. On the hill are succulents with bright orange flowers. At the top of the hill are tall trees.

Desert Garden

Over the past 100 years, gardeners have transformed the Desert Garden into a 10-acre expanse with over 2000 species of succulents and desert plants.

Illustrated mosquito with text above and below the mosquito. The text is in different fonts and in red and black. The text reads: This is Ann she's dying to meet you.

This is Ann

Public Health with Dr. Seuss: Communicating Scientific Knowledge through Visual Storytelling.

Color illustration of a plant with narrow palmate green leaves. Some of the leaves have holes in the center or rips near at the margin. The plant has a moth resting on a leaf and a moth flying near the stem. The plant has a larva resting on a stem and a cocoon attached to a stem.  A large black yellow and red larva rests on a leaf. A cocoon rests on the stem and on a swollen root. A moth flies near the plant. A snake coils around the plant.

Metamorphosis of the Insects of Suriname

Merian discovered and shared new scientific information about insects, changing the way Europeans thought about entomology and ecology

Printed illustration of a flea.


Discovering a Hidden Universe and Creating Science

Coloring page of two Jer Falcons with a crayon on top that says "Color Our Collections" and the Huntington Logo beneath.

The Birds of America

Coloring Page

Black line illustration of a plant viewed through a magnifying glass.

Decomposition Investigation

How do plant parts decompose and how does decomposition support plant growth? Make observations of plant matter at different stages of decomposition and make inferences about cycles of matter in ecosystems.