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The text Spinning Wheel inside a dark green circle.

Spinning Wheel


Two red leather buckets decorated with eagles bearing blue shields with scissors. Banners in their beaks read "Mechanic Fire Society"; banners in their talons read "William P. Gookin."

Object Story: Pair of Fire Buckets

These buckets were kept in the home of William Gookin, a tailor, and are decorated to show his family’s membership in the Mechanic Fire Society of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Black velvet cap in the shape of a pointed oval, with beadwork in blue, white, green, yellow, and red forming flowers and stems all over; made by a Haudenosaunee woman.

Object Story: Niagara Beadwork Hat

This hat was created by a Haudenosaunee craftsperson in the mid-nineteenth century.

Large, oval, pine and maple box, smooth and plain with six fingers forming a side seam and a chrome yellow finish.

Object Story: Oval Shaker Box

This large oval box was made at the Shaker community in New Lebanon, New York.

Tall grandfather-style clock in a wooden case painted to resemble different types of wood grains.

Object Story: Federal Tall Case Clock

A seven-foot tall grandfather clock from around 1820 with inner gears and clockworks made of wood.

Painting with spray of flowers in a vase at the center top above a watermelon and basket, with various fruit like grapes and peaches spread around the bottom.

Object Story: Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, Flowers, and Cornucopia

Still life painting with a basket of fruit, vase of flowers center, a large watermelon on a plate and cornucopia attributed to the artist Joseph Proctor.

Two embroidered fabric pockets in the shape of small sacks with multicolored flame-like patterns stitched neatly in combinations of red, green, blue and yellow.

Object Story: Pair of Pockets

Pair of needlework pockets for women.

Quilt with overall checkerboard pattern, alternating between cream and red-toned squares; each square consists of many skinny strips of varying colors.

Object Story: Log Cabin, Light and Dark Quilt

A Log Cabin pattern quilt made by an unrecorded artist in the late nineteenth century.

Large wooden spinning wheel with spokes attached to one end of a simple bench-like structure with a pulley device attached to the other end.

Object Story: Spinning Wheel

A "great wheel" for spinning wool into thread.

Brass lamp that resembles a large candlestick with a reservoir and two wick holders at the top in the shape of a V.

Object Story: Lamp

A brass lamp with two burners made for burning oil.