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Four illustrations of flowers in a grid.

Young Botanical Artists

Explore four botanical artworks created by Huntington Teen Volunteers and read the artists’ statements about their work.

Black and brown people wearing red, yellow, and white drape their bodies over the branches of a large tree.


"The body of the dancers, or phantoms, become sources of knowledge, and their gaze holds the viewer accountable, something that is too often missing from history and art; holding space in historically white spaces in ways that they have never been inhabited before.” -Carolina Caycedo, artist

Back of a man walking with a rod over his left shoulder with various shapes of hat boxes dangling from the rod.

Band Box Seller

Coloring Page

Two nectarines on a branch


Coloring Page

Coloring page of two Jer Falcons with a crayon on top that says "Color Our Collections" and the Huntington Logo beneath.

The Birds of America

Coloring Page

Coloring page of a full-length boy with a hand on his hip, his left leg forward, and a hat in his right hand.

The Blue Boy

Coloring Page

Coloring page of a separation drawing of four blossoms, including small daisies and carnations.


Coloring Page

A coloring page of a decorated silver coffee pot with a wood handle.


Coloring Page