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Black velvet cap in the shape of a pointed oval, with beadwork in blue, white, green, yellow, and red forming flowers and stems all over; made by a Haudenosaunee woman.

Niagara Hat

How do our cultural values affect the way we view and create art?

Black and brown people wearing red, yellow, and white drape their bodies over the branches of a large tree.


"The body of the dancers, or phantoms, become sources of knowledge, and their gaze holds the viewer accountable, something that is too often missing from history and art; holding space in historically white spaces in ways that they have never been inhabited before.” -Carolina Caycedo, artist

Blue photograph depicting tall pine-like trees, large boulders, and a rushing creek.

The Land of Little Rain

Environmental Exploration and Environmental Storytelling

Two embroidered fabric pockets in the shape of small sacks with multicolored flame-like patterns stitched neatly in combinations of red, green, blue and yellow.

Object Story: Pair of Pockets

Pair of needlework pockets for women.

Design embroidered on cloth, with the alphabet repeated in four different fonts and a verse underneath, completed at the bottom with the maker's name, age, and location.

Object Story: Mary Craig Hamlen's Sampler

A needlework sampler from 1802 by Mary Craig Hamlen, age 9.

Climbing the Ladder of Success through Education

In America, there is a strong belief in the value of education as way to help individuals advance in society.

Elaborate fabric quilt featuring an arrangement of five star shapes in the center, surrounded by a border of smaller star shapes and an outermost border of appliqued fabric in a floral pattern.

Object Story: "Lone Star" Appliqued Chintz and Pieced Quilt

Quilt made by Mary Seeds Moon around 1840 in the popular Lone Star pattern.

Color illustration of a plant with large green leaves and small flowers. Above the plant is a close up of a brown cylinder.

A Curious Herbal

In creating and publishing her scientific illustrations, Blackwell made important contributions to the medical field.

Color illustration of a plant with narrow palmate green leaves. Some of the leaves have holes in the center or rips near at the margin. The plant has a moth resting on a leaf and a moth flying near the stem. The plant has a larva resting on a stem and a cocoon attached to a stem.  A large black yellow and red larva rests on a leaf. A cocoon rests on the stem and on a swollen root. A moth flies near the plant. A snake coils around the plant.

Metamorphosis of the Insects of Suriname

Merian discovered and shared new scientific information about insects, changing the way Europeans thought about entomology and ecology

Overview: Prosperity for All?

America was founded on the principles of equality, freedom, liberty, and respect for individual rights. But these ideals have not always applied to everyone, and many Americans have fought since the founding of this country to broaden those values so that they apply to all Americans.