2014–15 Awarded Fellowships

Long-Term Awards

Scholars are listed with their topics of study.

Kathleen Wilson, Professor, Stony Brook University
Admirals as Heroes: Military and Naval Adventuring and British Masculinity in the Long 18th Century

Tim Harris, Professor, Brown University
Regicide: The British Monarchy on Trial. A Political, Religious, and Cultural History of the Three Kingdoms, 1642–49

David Hall, Professor, Harvard Divinity School
The Puritan Movement in England, Scotland, and New England, ca. 1550–1665

Susan Juster, Professor, University of Michigan
Sacred Violence in Early America

Joseph Glatthaar, Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The Army of the Potomac: From Defeat to Victory

Kevin Lambert, Associate Professor, California State University, Fullerton
Symbols and Things: English Mathematics and British Physics, 1800–1860

Stephen Snobelen, Associate Professor, University of King’s College
Science and Religion in the Thought of Isaac Newton

Ann M. Little, Associate Professor, Colorado State University
The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright

Matthew Fisher, Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
Out of the Ashes: The Cotton Library Fire and the Founding of the British Museum

Matthew Kadane, Associate Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
The Path to Enlightenment: The Life of Pentecost Barker

Matthew Bahar, Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
Pirating Empire: People of the Dawn in the Age of Sail

Chris Kyle, Associate Professor, Syracuse University
Engaging the Public: Proclamations and Political Communication in Early Modern England, 1540–1642

Brent Sirota, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
The Globalization of British Christianity: Evangelicalism and the Empire, 1783–1848

Urvashi Chakravarty, Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Serving Like a Free Man: Labor, Liberty, and Consent in Early Modern England

Catharine Franklin, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University
“The Army Stands Between”: The United States Army, Federal Indian Policy, and Native Sovereignty, 1862–1902

Adria Imada, Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego
Capturing Leprosy: The Medical Gaze in America’s Tropical Empire

Carla Mazzio, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo
The Trouble With Numbers: The Drama of Mathematics in the Age of Shakespeare

Susan Barbour, Lecturer, University of Oxford
Elegiac Materialism: Documentary and Loss in the Poetry and Art of Susan Howe

Julie Park, Assistant Professor, Vassar College
Dark Rooms and Moving Objects: Interior Life and the Novel in 18th-Century England

Sandra Rebok, Research Associate, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid
Alexander von Humboldt and the Globalization of Science: Networks of Knowledge between Germany and the United States in the 19th Century

Frank Guridy, Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Ambivalent Arenas: The Stadium and the American City

William Newman, Professor, Indiana University
Deciphering a Historical Mystery: The Alchemy of Isaac Newton

Tom Sitton, Curator Emeritus, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County and its Government, 1950–2010

Susan Brigden, Langford Fellow, Lincoln College, and Reader in History, University of Oxford
Literary Coteries in Mid-16th Century England

Short-Term Awards

Robert Aguirre, Associate Professor, Wayne State University
Before the Canal: Representing Panama, 1840–1914
One month

David Alff, Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo
The Wreckage of Intentions: Projects in British Culture, 1660–1730
One month

Ilaria Andreoli, Associate Professor, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie
Images without Borders in the “Library of Libraries”: Transnational Circulation of Images in Illustrated Books (1470–1600)
One month

Anna Arabindan-Kesson, Ph.D. candidate, Yale University
Threads of Empire: The Visual Economy of Cotton in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans 1840–1900
Three months

Tamara Atkin, Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
Play and Book: Drama, Reading, and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England
One month

Jeffrey Austin, Ph.D. candidate, Florida International University
Of Lice and Men: The Effects of Phylloxera on the California Wine Industry, 1860–1910
One month

Suzanne Barnett, Visiting Assistant Professor, Manhattan College
Romantic Paganism: Ecstasy and Excess in the Shelley Circle
One month

Marisa Bass, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
Daniel Rogers, Joris Hoefnagel, and the Humanist Art of Friendship
One month

Jacob Berkowitz, Independent scholar
Paul Merrill—The Man who Discovered the Evolving Universe
Two months

Kristen Block, Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Health, Disease, and the Spirit: Religion, Healing, and the Colonial Body in the Early Caribbean
One month

Monica Bravo, Ph.D. candidate, Brown University
Picturing Greater America: U.S. Modernist Photography and the Mexican Cultural Renaissance, 1920–45
Two months

Boyd Brogan, Stipendiary Lecturer, University of Oxford
The Influence of Alice Egerton’s Personal Circumstances in the Years 1632–33 on Milton’s Comus
One month

John Broich, Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Empire at Work: Water Engineering and the Construction of the British Empire
Two months

Marne Campbell, Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University
Arrival and Revival in the American West: African Americans through the Lens of Race, Class, and Gender in Los Angeles, 1850–1917
Three months

Gerry Canavan, Assistant Professor, Marquette University
Modern Masters of Science Fiction: Octavia E. Butler
One month

Susan Carlile, Professor, California State University, Long Beach
Charlotte Lennox: Consummate Professional
Two months

Elaine Chalus, Professor, Bath Spa University
The Admiral’s Wife: An Intimate History of Family, Navy, and Empire
Two months

Katherine Charles, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
Idle Stories: The Interpolated Tale in the Anglophone Novel, 1690-1820
One month

Stephen Clucas, Reader in History, Birkbeck, University of London
The Iconic Function of Diagrams of Pneumatic Devices in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century
One month

Sophie Coulombeau, Ph.D. candidate, University of York
Kinship, Posterity, and Surname Change by Royal Licence in the Correspondence of Elizabeth Montagu and Matthew Montagu, 1775-1785
Two months

Brittany Cowgill, Ph.D. candidate, University of Cincinnati
Rest Uneasy: Monitoring Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Twentieth-Century America
One month

Simon Davies, Associate Tutor, University of Sussex
Witchcraft and the Book Trade in Early Modern England
One month

Evan Davis, Associate Professor, Hampden-Sydney College
Reading Errors in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Two months

William Deringer, Lecturer, Columbia University
Calculated Values: Financial Politics and the Quantitative Age, 1688-1776
One month

Katherine Ding, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Berkeley
William Blake and Honesty
One month

Charles Drummond, Ph.D. candidate, University of Cambridge
Standing Armies, the “Militia Power,” and Resistance in Late Stuart Britain, 1660-1701
Two months

Rachel Eccleston, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oregon
Princely Feminine Graces: Virtue and Power in Early Modern English and Spanish Literature
One month

D. Berton Emerson, Visiting Assistant Professor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Local Rules: The Alternative Democracies of Mid-Nineteenth-Century U.S. Print Culture
Two months

Rebecca Emmett, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford
Publishing Networks in Elizabethan London: The Case of Thomas Man
One month

Scott Esplin, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University
A Williamsburg of the Midwest: Mormonism's Development of Historic Nauvoo, Illinois and its insertion into the American Narrative
One month

Rebecca Evans, Ph.D. candidate, Duke University
Natural Histories: Ecological Temporality in Post-1945 American Literature
One month

Rebecca Fall, Ph.D. candidate, Northwestern University
Common Nonsense: The Production of Popular Literature in Renaissance England
One month

Susan Felch, Professor, Calvin College
A Critical Edition of The Obedience of a Christian Man by William Tyndale (1528)
One month

Kristie Flannery, Ph.D. candidate, University of Texas, Austin
Forging Loyalty in the Iberian Pacific World: Manila, 1750-1830
Two months

Lori Flores, Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University
Golden Brown City: Latinos and the Making of San Francisco
Two months

Kelsey Flynn, Ph.D. candidate, George Washington University
Information Management and the Early English Atlantic Empire, 1603-1640
One month

James Freeman, Independent scholar
The Past and Presentation in Ranulph Higden’s Polychronicon: The Dissemination and Readership of a Historical Work of Reference, c. 1330
Two months

Sarah Gardner, Professor, Mercer University
Reading Confederate Defeat
Two months

Josh Garrett-Davis, Ph.D. candidate, Princeton University
Resounding: American Indians and Audio Technology, 1890-1969
One month

John Gascoigne, Professor, University of New South Wales
Science and the State from Francis Bacon to Vannevar Bush’s Science, The Endless Frontier (1945)
One month

David Gellman, Professor, DePauw University
Liberty’s Legacy: The Jay Family and Slavery across Four Centuries
One month

Penelope Geng, Ph.D. candidate, University of Southern California
Popular Jurisprudence in Early Modern England
Three months

David Gibney, Ph.D. candidate, Trinity College Dublin
An Exploration of Literary Identity and Authorial Control in Thomas Hoccleve’s Huntington Holograph “Anthologies”
One month

Cora Gilroy-Ware, Ph.D. candidate, University of York/Tate Britain
Marmorealities: Classical Nakedness in British Art 1798-1840
Two months

Candice Goucher, Professor, Washington State University, Vancouver
The Memory of Iron: African Metallurgy in the Atlantic World
One month

Melody Graulich, Professor, Utah State University
“Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments”: A Collection of Letters between Mary Hallock Foote and Helena de Kay Gilde
Two months

Paul Greenham, Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto
God in the Micro-world: Theology, Alchemy, and Chemistry in the Work of Isaac Newton
One month

Eric Griffin, Professor, Millsaps College
Geopolitics and The Spanish Tragedy
One month

Musa Gurnis, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
Heterodox Drama: Theater in Post-Reformation London
Four months

Ryan Hackenbracht, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University
National Reckonings: The Last Judgment and Literature in Milton’s England
One month

David Hadbawnik, Ph.D. candidate, University at Buffalo
The Open Books of John Lydgate
Two months

Joshua Hainy, Ph.D. candidate, University of Iowa
John Flaxman: Beyond the Line
One month

Sara Harris, Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
Neologisms and Borrowings in Henry Daniel’s Liber Uricrisiarum
One month

Caitlin Hartigan, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oxford
Image, Manuscript, Print: Le Roman de La Rose, ca. 1481–1538
Two months

Helmer Helmers, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam
Translating History in Early Modern Europe, 1600–1660
Two months

Michael Hetherington, Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
Logics of the Text: Order, Abstraction, and Literary Experience in Early Modern England
One month

Alanna Hickey, Ph.D. candidate, Northwestern University
The Forms of National Belonging: The Politics of U.S. Citizenship in 19th-Century Native American Print Poetry
Two months

James Hill, Ph.D. candidate, College of William and Mary
Muskogee Internationalism in an Age of Revolution, 1763–1818
Three months

David Hitchcock, Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University
Pillar to Post: The Social and Cultural History of Vagrancy in England, 1650–1750
Three months

Nicole Horejsi, Assistant Professor, Columbia University
Enlightenment Timescapes
One month

Ann Hughes, Professor, Keele University
Preachers and Hearers in the English Revolution
Three months

Noreen Humble, Associate Professor, University of Calgary
The Reception of Xenophon in the Early Modern Period
One month

Chloe Ireton, Ph.D. candidate, University of Texas, Austin
Ethiopian Royal Vassals: Black Itinerancy in the Iberian Atlantic 1500–1650
Two months

Randall Janes, Ph.D. candidate, Western Michigan University
Technological Diffusion and the Caribbean Sugar Industry during the Twilight of the Spanish Empire 1713–1865
One month

Matthew Jenkinson, Director of Studies, New College School, Oxford
The King Killers in America: The Lives and Afterlives of Edward Whalley, William Goffe, and John Dixwell, 1640–2010
One month

Donald Johnson, Ph.D. candidate, Northwestern University
Occupied America: Everyday Experience and the Failure of Imperial Authority in Revolutionary Cities under British Rule, 1775–1783
Two months

Fredrik Jonsson, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
The British Origins of the Anthropocene: Coal, Climate, and Deep Time 1784–1884
Two months

Annette Kern-Stahler, Professor, University of Bern
Cultural Arbiters: British Writers in Occupied Germany
One month

Anna Klosowska, Professor, Miami University
The Fifth Element: Jean de Meun’s (attr.) Dodecahedron in French and English, 1350–1650
One month

John Knapp, Instructor, University of New Mexico
The Hymn Genre in Long 18th-Century British Poetry
Two months

Henry Knight, Lecturer, Northumbria University
Pacific Reach: California and Hawaii through the Progressive Era
One month

Elizabeth Kolkovich, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University, Mansfield
The Letters and Patronage of Alice Egerton, Countess of Derby
One month

Jamie Kreiner, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
The Premodern Pig
One month

Paul Kuenker, Ph.D. candidate, Arizona State University
In the Unlikely Event: Danger and the Transportation Revolution in America
One month

Mary Kuhn, Ph.D. candidate, Boston University
The Garden Politic: Botany, Horticulture, and Domestic Cosmopolitanism in 19th-Century American Literature
One month

Patricia Laurence, Professor, Brooklyn College
Farouche: A Biography of Elizabeth Bowen
One month

Serena Le, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Bigger than the Sound: The Acoustic Space of Modern Poetry
One month

Kat Lecky, Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University
The Laureate Poetics of Pocket Maps in Renaissance Britain
One month (RSA)

Hyun Wu Lee, Ph.D. candidate, Texas A&M University
British Troops, Colonists, Indians, and Slaves in Southeastern North America, 1756–1763
Two months

Daniel Lynch, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
Southern and Californio Convergence in Southern California
One month (Ridge-WHA)

Craig Martin, Associate Professor, Oakland University
Global Science before Global Networks: The Context and Aftermath of Francis Bacon’s History of the Winds
Three months

Rebekah Martin, Ph.D. candidate, Pennsylvania State University
Ritual Medicine in a Colonial Society: Inquisitional Encounters in Yucatan, 1620–1820
One month

Barry McCarron, Ph.D. candidate, Georgetown University
The California Irish, Chinese Exclusion, and U.S.-China Relations, 1852–82
One month

Colleen McDannell, Professor, University of Utah
Mormon Women
One month

Read McFaddin, Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University
The Case for Franciscan Authority: Apocalyptic Mural Cycles in Early Colonial Mexico
Four months

Megan McGilchrist, Teacher, The American School of London
Rapture and Reticence: Mary Hallock Foote’s View of the Natural World of the American West as Revealed in Her Letters
One month

Catherine Medici-Thiemann, Ph.D. candidate, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
“She Governs the Queen”: Jane Dudley, Mary Dudley Sidney, and Catherine Dudley Hastings’ Political Actions, Agency, and Networks in Tudor England
One month (NACBS)

Emily Merrill, Ph.D. candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Judging Empire: British Military Courts and the Politics of the Body
One month

Timothy Minella, Ph.D. candidate, University of South Carolina
The Republic of Farmers: Science, Authority, and Agriculture in the Early United States
One month

Mark Molesky, Associate Professor, Seton Hall University
This Gulf of Fire: The Great Lisbon Earthquake and the Forging of the Modern World
One month

Sean Munger, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oregon
Ten Years of Winter: The Cold Decade and Environmental Consciousness in the Early 19th Century
One month

Mary Murphy, Professor, Montana State University
Gender, Culture, and the Politics of Food on the Northern Borderlands of North America, 1860–1940
One month

Catriona Murray, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Royal Designs: Negotiating Image and Identity at the Stuart Court, 1603–1714
One month

Geoffrey Nuttall, Independent scholar
The Healy Memorial Window—A Study in Late Victorian Patronage
One month

Rosemary O'Day, Professor Emerita, The Open University
Caring for Siblings in Early Modern England: The Social and Economic Implications of Responsibilities for Siblings, ca. 1500–1780
Three months

David O'Shaughnessy, Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin
The Censorship of British Theatre, 1737–1843
Three months

Marisa Parham, Associate Professor, Amherst College
Before and After: Kindred and the Intellectual Life of Octavia Butler’s Manuscripts
Three months

Trevor Pearce, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
“Science Organized”: Positivism and the Metaphysical Club
One month

Gregory Peek, Adjunct Professor, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Hoosier Republicanism: Indiana Political Culture and the Coming of the Civil War, 1816–61
One month

Tricia Peone, Ph.D. candidate, University of New Hampshire
“Strange shall be the wonders”: Preternature in the Early Modern English Atlantic World
One month

Liliana Perez Miguel, Ph.D. candidate, Universidad de Burgos
Shaping Kinship and Social Networks: Encomenderas in Early Colonial Peru
Three months

T. Robert Przeklasa, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Riverside
Reservation Empire: The Mission Indian Federation and Native American Conservatism
One month

Cynthia Radding, Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Bountiful Deserts and Imperial Shadows: Seeds of Knowledge and Corridors of Migration in Northern New Spain
Two months

Darren Raspa, Ph.D. candidate, University of New Mexico
Pacific Policeways: Grassroots Control and Power in San Francisco, 1850–1950
One month

Alpen Razi, Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto
Narratives of Amelioration: Slavery and the Problem of Social Death in the British Didactic Imagination
Two months

Ellen Rentz, Assistant Professor, Claremont McKenna College
Placebo in the Parish: Books of Hours and Collective Devotion
One month

Morgan Ring, Ph.D. candidate, University of Cambridge
Stories of the Saints in Early Modern England, 1483–1611
One month

Strother Roberts, ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Brown University
The Commodities of the Country: An Environmental History of the Colonial Connecticut Valley
Four months

David Rollison, Honorary Research Associate, University of Sydney
Theology as Social Theory: Secular and Religious Aspects of a Commonwealth in the Writings of English Religious Reformers from William Tyndale to John Preston
Four months

Mark Rosen, Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Dallas
The Bird’s-Eye View and the Viewer, 1400–1700
One month

Michael Rossington, Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University
The Poems of Shelley, Volume 5
One month

James Rutherford, Ph.D. candidate, Princeton University
Irrational Actors: Literature, Logic, and Religious Experience in Early Modern England
One month

Benjamin Sacks, Ph.D. candidate, Princeton University
The Many Lives of Lands beyond the Line: A Global History of the Ceded Islands, ca. 1670–1830
Two months

Daniel Sawyer, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oxford
“Mast nedefull thynge”: The Uses of Manuscripts Containing Religious Instructional Literature in England, ca. 1350–1500
One month

Kirsten Saxton, Professor, Mills College
“Circumstances Compel Her”: Victorian and Edwardian Detective Fiction by Women
One month

Jennifer Scappettone, Associate Professor, University of Chicago
The Architecture of Text and the Book as Landscape: The Opening of the Field in Victorian Poetics and the Origins of Modernist Form
Two months

Valentina Sebastiani, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Basel
Renaissance Bestsellers: Johann and Hieronymus Froben’s Editions at the Huntington
Two months

Camille Serchuk, Professor, Southern Connecticut State University
Realm and Representation: Art and Cartography in 16th-Century France
Two months

Cameron Shriver, Ph.D. candidate, Ohio State University
Village to Nation: Rethinking American Indian Political Culture in the Great Lakes, 1750–1850
One month

Josh Sides, Professor, California State University, Northridge
Homesteading Los Angeles
Five months

Philip Slavin, Lecturer, University of Kent
Environment and Economy in Late-medieval Sussex, ca. 1300–1500
One month

Jordan Smith, Ph.D. candidate, Georgetown University
The Invention of Rum
One month

Matthew Smith, Assistant Professor, Azusa Pacific University
Stage, Cathedral, Wagon, Street: The Grounds of Belief in Renaissance Performance
Five months

Diana Solomon, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
The Repetition of Comedy in Long 18th-Century British Theatre
Two months

Mark Somos, Research Director, Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University
American States of Nature: Rightless Savage, Chosen Nation, or Liberty for All
Three months (JMC)

Jason Stohler, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara
The Founding of the Nation: Discourses of Family and Citizenship and Chinese Immigration, 1870–1930
One month

Carolyn Strange, Deputy Director and Graduate Director, Australian National University
Nineteenth-Century America’s Foremost Critic of Executive Clemency: Francis Lieber
One month

Rose Stremlau, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
Many Trails: Barbara Hildebrand Longknife and Southeastern American Indian Migration in the Age of Empire
One month

Mei-Ying Sung, Assistant Professor, FoGuang University
Cataloguing the Woodblock Collection of James Tarbotton Armstrong
Two months

Yevan Terrien, Ph.D. candidate, University of Pittsburgh
Exiles and Fugitives: Mobility, Labor, and Power in Early Louisiana (ca. 1700–1810)
One month

Jennifer Terry, Lecturer, Durham University
Imagined Futures in African American Narrative
Three months

David Thomson, Ph.D. candidate, University of Georgia
Bonds of War: Union Debt, Marketing, and the American Civil War
One month

Emily Torbert, Ph.D. candidate, University of Delaware
Going Places: The Material and Imagined Geographies of Prints in the Atlantic World, 1770–1840
One month

Robert Train, Professor, Sonoma State University
Inventing Spanish in Multilingual California, 1769–1849: Global and Local Practices of Language and Education
One month

Scott Trudell, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
Song and Mediation in Early Modern England
Two months

Krista Turner, Ph.D. candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Toxic Encounters: Literature, Medicine, and Empire in the Early Modern Atlantic World
One month

L. Elizabeth Upper, Visiting Fellow, Warburg Institute
Vivid Prints: Colour Printmaking and the Transformation of Visual Information in Early Modern Germany, ca. 1475–1600
Two months

Chet Van Duzer, Library Technician, Library of Congress
Re-Evaluating a Treasure: The King-Hamy Portolan Chart (HL HM 45)
One month

Emily Vasiliauskas, Ph.D. candidate, Princeton University
The Literary Afterlife: Books and Death in Renaissance England
One month

Michelle Wallis, Ph.D. candidate, University of Cambridge
Medical Advertising and the Public Practice of Medicine, 1660–1720
Two months

Thomas Ward, Assistant Professor, United States Naval Academy
Sounding Consent: Voice and Volition from Spenser to Milton
Two months

Dana Weiner, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
The Protections of Citizenship: The Shifting Landscape of African American Rights in California, 1820–70
One month

Joanna Wharton, Ph.D. candidate, University of York
Materiality and Gift Relations in British and American Educational Writing of the Long 18th Century
One month

Sarah Wood, Fixed-Term Fellow, University of Oxford
“In-eched”: Interpolation and Invention in Middle English Literature
Two months

Hannah Young, Ph.D. candidate, University College London
Gender and Slave Ownership in Britain and the Caribbean, 1763–1833
Three months

Natale Zappia, Assistant Professor, Whittier College
Food Frontiers: Indigenous and Euro-American Food Systems in the Early American West
Two months


From Corpus Christi:
Skye Montgomery, Ph.D. candidate, Corpus Christi College
Conceptions of Anglo-American Kinship in the Antebellum South
One month

To Corpus Christi:
Matthew Chew, Assistant Research Professor, Arizona State University
An Ecological Pandemonium: Charles S. Elton and The Ecology of Invasions by Animals and Plants


From Linacre:
Andrew Mackley, Ph.D. candidate, Linacre College, Oxford
North British Interests in London: Scottish Lobbying in the British State, 1760–1832
One month

To Linacre:
Meegan Kennedy, Associate Professor, Florida State University
Beautiful Mechanism: The Microscope, the Eye, and the Limits of Wonder in Victorian Science


From Lincoln:
Daniel Starza Smith, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lincoln College
John Donne and the Countess of Huntingdon
One month

To Lincoln:
Benjamin Breen, Ph.D. candidate, University of Texas, Austin
Tropical Transplantations: Nature, Globalization, and Drugs in the Portuguese and British Empires, 1640–1755


From Trinity Hall:
Ian Campbell, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
Protestant Natural Law in Ireland, Scotland, and England
One month

To Trinity Hall:
Lindsay O'Neill, Lecturer, University of Southern California
“Barbarous Country”: The Global Reformation of Sir John Perceval, 1683–1748


Bethany Cencer, Ph.D. candidate, Stony Brook University
Masculinity, Mourning, and Monumentality in Late 18th-Century English Partsong

Cyndia Clegg, Distinguished Professor, Pepperdine University
Textual Comparison of Richard Grafton’s 1552 and 1559 Books of Common Prayer

Nikolas Georgacarakos, Ph.D. candidate, University of Colorado, Boulder
Urban and Evangelical Identities in Tudor London, 1530–80

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ph.D. candidate, Northwestern University
Consensual Relations: Sexual and Political Subjectivity in England, 1550–1700

Carolyn Twomey, Ph.D. candidate, Boston College
Waters of Life: The History and Material Culture of Baptism in Early Medieval Britain

Jonathan Woods, Ph.D. candidate, Fordham University
Rebellion and Reformation in Scotland: The Emergence of the Lords of the Congregation, 1542–60


Megan Barford, Ph.D. candidate, University of Cambridge
Francis Beaufort and Royal Naval Hydrography, 1830–1850
Three months

Mark Breeze, Ph.D. candidate, University of Cambridge
Reevaluating the Nature of the Photographic and Proto-Cinematic Work of Eadweard Muybridge through Californian Photography of His Time
Three months

Adam Bridgen, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oxford
Patrons, Poets, and Producers: Exploring the World of Work in the Letters of Elizabeth Montagu and James Woodhouse
Six months

Grace Egan, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oxford
Transatlantic Epistolary Style in the 18th Century
Three months

Jennifer Hamilton, Ph.D. candidate, University College London
Ford Madox Ford, James Brand Pinker, and the Edwardian Literary Scene
Three months

Nicola Kirkby, Ph.D. candidate, King’s College London
Victorian Rail Terminals and the Imagination (1830–60)
Three months

Phillip Sargeant, Ph.D. candidate, University of Liverpool
New Perspectives on the Administration of Sir Robert Walpole: 1719–42
Six months

Cathryn Setz, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Modernism and Evolution: Literature and the Eclipse of Darwinism, 1910–39
Four months

Zoe Thomas, Ph.D. candidate, Royal Holloway, University of London
A Study of Arts and Crafts Women and the Transnational Spread of Gendered Ideas through Archives and Art Works in the Huntington Library
Three months

Louise Wilson, Research Assistant, University of Bristol
Witchcraft, Magic, and Medicine in Medieval England, 1100–1550
Three months